Pokémon GO: What is Schillerpin?

The question comes up over and over again on social media if there is a Schillerpin in Pokémon GO. We tell you what it is and if you can find it in the game.

Because it is? Questions from trainers on the Schillerpin topic keep popping up on social media. Most recently, YouTuber Spieletrends used this term in his video of the first day of the GO Festival to express his high performance of dazzling Pokémon (via youtube.com).

We take a look at what the Schillerpin is and where to find it.

What is the Schillerpin?

The Schillerpin is a shiny talisman from other Pokémon games, such as Pokémon Let’s GO Pikachu or Let’s GO Eevee. This allows players to increase their chance to shine. To get the Schillerpin in these games, Trainers have to catch a certain number of Pokémon.

For example, a complete Pokédex of the first 150 monsters is required for Let’s GO games. This means that from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo, they must have registered all the Pokémon there. You can then collect your Schillerpin at the PokéCenter.

Since the chance of a dazzling specimen is greatly increased with the help of the Schillerpin, it is a popular item with gamers. Therefore, people on social networks ask again and again about this option in Pokémon GO.

Does the Schillerpin also exist in Pokémon GO?

No, unfortunately you cannot get a Schillerpin in Pokémon GO right now. However, since this is found in many other Pokémon games, trainers have long been waiting for an introduction to Pokémon GO.

Amphy516 wrote on Twitter: “I wish Pokémon GO had a Schillerpin. Even if you only get it by buying it. Would definitely put one on. I like to go for a walk, but Pokémon GO encourages me to do it even more ”(via twitter.com).

Kantochris agrees with reddit: “I spend a lot of time looking for Shinys in the main series games, and one of my first goals in every new game is to get the Schillerpin. I thought it would be great if Niantic introduced a Schillerpin to increase the chances of getting Shinys “(via reddit.com).

Here’s how Pokémon GO could implement the Schillerpin

In addition to the general wish for Schillerpin to also be featured in Pokémon GO, the trainers already have some ideas on how Niantic could implement this in the game.

PlayfulTitan18 writes on reddit that, like other Pokémon games, it could be linked to an entire region in the Pokédex (via reddit.com). Then the coaches could receive it from Professor Willow on a special assignment.

Reddit user LukaTheGrabla also sees that Schillerpin is linked to an entire region in the Pokédex. In his contribution he also shows how he imagines the Schillerpin in the bag of goods:

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Coach gooderz21, on the other hand, could imagine that it comes from raids or breakthroughs in field research and can only be used once during a certain period of time (via reddit.com).

According to reddit user trickyburrito, a special investigation tasked with catching a dazzling Pokémon would also be conceivable (via reddit.com).

It is not yet known if Niantic has planned to introduce such an item in Pokémon GO in the future. As soon as there is official information on this, you will find it here on DLPrivateServer.

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How about Schillerpin? Would you be happy for its launch in Pokémon GO? And how do you think Niantic could implement it in the game?

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