Pokémon GO Community Day July 2019: the protagonist is Mudkip

A little while ago Niantic announced all the info regarding the Pokémon GO Community Day July 2019 . Let’s get to know the details of the event, from the date it will be held to the protagonist creature of the day.

Pokémon GO Community Day July 2019: the details

The Pokémon GO development team has officially announced that the next Community Day will be held on Sunday 21 July from 15 to 18. Mudkip will be the absolute protagonist of the day long awaited by coaches from all over the world. It is a third generation water-type monster, from the Hoenn region.

The Pokédex describes it this way: “The fin on Mudkip’s head acts like a very sensitive radar. Using this fin as a sensor in the water and in the air, he can determine what is going on around him without looking . 

All those who, by the end of the event, will be able to evolve it into Marshtomp and then into Swamper, will be able to teach him an exclusive move that has not yet been revealed. And it’s not over here: two bonuses will also be available , namely stardust at tripled capture and baits with an extended duration of three hours.

On July 4th there is always a surprise with reference to the Community Day

The problems that occurred during the Slakoth Community Day forced Niantic to correct it. And so on July 4th, from 10 to 18, the Pokémon will appear more frequently than usual. Trainers who manage to evolve it into Vigoroth and then into Slaking will get the exclusive Body Slam move.


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