Poem on Dussehra: The victory of good over evil

Poem on Dussehra (Poem on Dussehra in Hindi): The festival of Dussehra is a festival of happiness and joy. The word Dussehra means ‘Das-har’ meaning victory over ten evils, hence it is considered a symbol of the victory of good over evil. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated with zeal and religious devotion all over India.

It is one of the most important festivals in India. Apart from this, it is also one of the most festivals. People across the country celebrate Dussehra with great enthusiasm and love. It is a time of joy for all.

Dussehra is known by different names in India like ‘ Vijayadashami ‘, ‘ Durga Puja ‘, ‘ Maha Navami ‘ etc. Dussehra falls 20 days before Diwali every year in the month of September or October. Dussehra will be celebrated from October 4 to October 8 in 2019 .

According to the historical beliefs of Dussehra and the famous Hindu scripture Ramayana, it is mentioned that Lord Rama worshiped Goddess Chandi to kill Ravana.

The ten-headed demon king Ravana of Lanka had killed Rama’s wife, Mother Sita, to avenge the humiliation of her sister Shurpanakha. Since then, Dussehra festival is being celebrated from the day Bhagwan Ram killed Ravana .

Some people believe that Maa Durga fought with Mahishasura for nine consecutive days and killed that demon on the day of Dussehra. Vijayadashami should be celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana or as the victory of Durga Puja i.e. Maa Durga over Mahishasura, it is a festival of Shakti Puja in both the forms.

In India, people celebrate every festival with full enthusiasm and happiness. Big fairs are also organized in Dussehra festival. The festival of Dussehra holds great importance in the life of everyone, on this day people begin the new life by eliminating the evils within them.

Dussehra festival is a festival celebrated as a celebration. Everyone has their own beliefs – celebrations of bringing home the harvest for farmers, celebrating the slaughter of Ravana by Rama for children, celebrating good over evil by elders, etc. This festival is considered very auspicious and holy.

In Dussehra, Ramlila is organized with utmost devotion and devotion in all the big and small cities for nine days. On Vijayadashami, along with effigies of Ravana, effigies of Kumbhakarna and Meghnath are also burnt. By burning the effigy of Ravana, people resolve to stay away from evils.

People of all ages enjoy the fair of Dussehra. They go to see fireworks and are mesmerized by the stunning scenery. Children wait for this day the most and ask their parents to take them to see the firecrackers.

Navaratri is also celebrated in Dussehra . In Navratri, that is, during Durga Puja, devotees keep Navratri fast for nine days in the worship of worship . Till the new days, Akhand lit a lamp. It is important to make a lamp of ghee for lighting the flame.

It is believed that lighting a lamp of ghee brings positivity in the atmosphere and negativity is removed from the place where the light of the lamp goes. The use of ghee to light a lamp in the scriptures is particularly recommended, which is one of the reasons that ghee is considered holy. Therefore, the burning of ghee made from cow’s milk is considered good.

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Make Ghee lamp: To make Ghee lamp , heat the milk and keep it to cool, after cooling, the cream that settles on top of the milk, keep it aside. For a few days, he kept rubbing cream in the same process.

When the cream has accumulated in a large quantity, then put it in a large pan and place it on the gas to melt. After a while you will see that the ghee will start to separate from the cream. Collect that ghee in a jar and use the same holy ghee to light the lamp at the time of worship.

Dussehra not only brings bliss, but inspires us to overcome our evil instincts through good deeds and pious thoughts.

Poem on Dussehra – Poem on Dussehra in Hindi

On Dussehra, children are given school leave and in this holiday, they are given homework to write different kinds of things on Dussehra . So I here verse on Dussehra (Poem on Dussehra in Hindi) is presented which may be used by the students.

“Then give us a message
came joyous Dussehra
crises final Gnera
not restless mind that your
Ctengen final crises
will re beautiful morning,
you resort to patience,
how much malice too deep
not to foul mind your
will find a broken heart again
when Sweetheart Chitera
again came to give us a message,
Holy Dussehra

Become Shami’s beloved, be a
true truth, how much the oppressed
cannot be blown up by him and the defeated
religion has come every time to
give us a message,
“Holy Dussehra”

“Dussehra” means the victory of truth always.
The stronghold will break the lie, love the truth.
On the road to truth, there are lakhs of shools.
Keep moving without stopping, flowers will become flowers.
Anger, treachery, bitterness, strife, tortuous torture.
Deception, malice, injustice, deceit, the family of Ravana.
Ram Chirantan Chetna, Ram Sanatan Satya.
Ravana is a disorder, Ravana is evil.
Darshanan of the present, i.e. corruption.
Today on Dussehra, we will kill it. ”

“Victory has always been the truth, it is always
evil, it is always good to
that the festival of Dussehra .
Ravan was arrogant,
he showed deceit, cut
twenty arms and ten parts, got
his family killed.
is burning gold by doing its own thing.
No one in his mind
grew up like Ravan,
and the dark sheet
did not deceive the Ujiare.
Whoever has pride,
has eaten the mouth.
Today everyone has the same thinking,
peace and prosperity,
darkness disappears Sara,
Diwali in every house.
Always got the praise of the one
who has goodness. ”

“Vijayadashami is a sacred festival of victory.
Victory has become the truth, lie has lost.
When Ravana increased, atrocities on the ground.
Ram went to Lanka and gave him, killed by Ram.
Vijayadashami gave us a gift.
In front of good, defeat evil.
Mansa-vata-karmana, truth be enough.
Let there be a noble policy, overcome obstacles.
The burning of mannequins, the custom began to grow.
Ravana of the mind till today, the society could not burn.
Names of Rama and Krishna, doing dirty things.
In the new age, Rama’s name is bad name.
Today, in the shadow of religion, there would be sinfulness.
Sadhus and monks, do business on a high scale. ‘
Today, Yogi and Mahanta indulge in indulgence.
The innocent people are misled here, saints.
When the midst reached, the rudder broke.
How will the nation and society cross the raft. ”

“Look, the festival of Dussehra has come, it has
brought a smile on the face of the people.
Come together,
remove the darkness, spread it around and spread the light of goodness.
Celebrate this festival of
happiness together , let everyone light a lamp of happiness.
how this unique vibe spread all around, how these beautiful colors are scattered in Fiza.
Dussehra is a symbol of the victory of good over evil,
people sing new songs of happiness on this day. ”

I hope you will like these poems. Here I have also told the importance of Dussehra along with poems . If you this article Dussehra poem (Poem on Dussehra in Hindi) or Dussehra song   so nice it must share with your friends.


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