PlayStation 5: User Guide, Questions and Troubleshooting

Welcome to the most complete user guide for PS5, where you can find and solve all the doubts you have about the Sony console.

We welcome you to our PS5 guide ! Sony’s new generation console is already available both in Spain and in the rest of the world and for this reason we wanted to collect all the information, tips, tricks and analysis that there is in this regard. In this article you can see from the technical specifications of PS5 to what launch games are put on sale with it, everything you need to release your brand new console knowing everything about it.

As you may know, PS5 is available in two editions : a standard one , with a blu ray reader , and a Digital Edition , which does not include this component and is intended exclusively for digital play. The first has a recommended price of € 499 and the second one of € 299. Otherwise, both models are completely identical , so the content of this guide applies to both.

Price, technical specifications, backward compatibility and all the details

In this article you can see all the details of PS5 , from its technical specifications to the price of its two models, which, as we mentioned before, have a difference of € 100 between one and the other. Here you can see the PS5 technology in detail, such as the speed of its SSD, its compatibility with resolutions up to 8K and with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz . We also talk about backward compatibility and how this new console improves PS4 games thanks to Boost mode. In essence, an overview of everything there is to know about PS5.


  • Price and release date :To find out when it goes on sale and how much will PS5 cost at launch.
  • Technical specifications, power and graphics :All the technical details of the next generation Sony console.
  • All PS5 accessories :These are the peripherals that will come out with the new console.
  • Frequently asked questions : Wesolve the most common doubts of users.

All PS5 Launch Games

PS5 goes on sale with a wide catalog of launch games that you can consult here . These are video games developed with the new Sony console in mind, so they make the most of its technical capabilities and the new possibilities of its controller, the DualSense. We are talking about our own developments such as Demon’s Souls Remake or Spider-Man: Miles Morales , but also others developed by third parties , such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , Bugsnax or DiRT 5 . In addition, in this same article we collect the games announced for PS5 and that will be launched soon on the next generation console.

  • PS5 Launch Games :All PS5 games that will be released alongside the console.
  • Upcoming releases for PS5 :Compilation of games announced for PS5, whether or not they have a release date.

All PS5 Exclusives Confirmed To Date

Of all the games confirmed for PS5, there are many that will be exclusive to Sony’s console, either because they are developments by PlayStation Studios, or because they are developed by studios with which the company has reached an exclusivity agreement. Exclusivity can be total (like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart ), temporary (like Deathloop ), or only on consoles (like Goodbye Volcano High ), that’s why in this article we collect them all, both those that will be available together with the launch of the console as those that will be put on sale in the future and of which not much information is known yet.

  • Exclusive PS5 Games :Titles confirmed to be 100% exclusive to the Sony console.
  • Temporary exclusives on PS5 :Titles that will have temporary exclusivity on the Sony console.

PS4 games with free upgrade to PS5 or with conditions

In addition to its own games, PS5 will launch with improved versions of PS4 games . It is an update developed for the new console that makes the titles take advantage of their technical capabilities. Be careful, not all games offer this update for free : sometimes it is enough to have the video game purchased on PS4, in others there are certain conditions, usually temporary, and to access some of these updates we will even have to go through the box again if we already own the game in the previous generation. In this article you will see all the PS4 games that have been confirmed and will have an update to PS5, explaining in each case if it can be obtained for free or has certain conditions.

  • Differences between backward compatibility and upgrade :Is a backward compatible game the same as one with a next-gen version? No, and we explain why.
  • Games with free update on PS5 :All PS4 games that will be updated for free to their next generation version.
  • Games that will be updated with conditions :Titles whose update may vary depending on the requirements set by their developers.

All PS4 games boosted to 60fps on PS5

Although only a few PS4 games will receive a next-gen update on PS5, most will be backward compatible on the next-gen console. In fact some will work even better natively: there is a list of PS4 titles that have been confirmed as they will hit 60fps on PS5 even if they did not reach that ratio on the previous generation console. There are some that will do it because they have the rate of images per second unlocked, others because they have received an update for that purpose, but they are all compiled in this article .

All free games with PS Plus Collection

Taking advantage of the improved backward compatibility of PS4 games on PS5, gamers of the next generation console who are subscribed to PS Plus will be able to access a selection of titles that have marked the previous generation of Sony. They are works that the company considers essential in the PS4 catalog, that is why the PS Plus Collection includes both its own developments (such as Bloodborne or God of War ), and third parties (such as Batman: Arkham Knight or Persona 5 ). This compilation, the full list of which you can see here , can be accessed for free as long as the PS Plus subscription is active., and they will be added to the library just like the monthly free games do.

  • All PS Plus Collection Games :Complete list of titles included in the selection.
  • PlayStation Plus Collection on PS4 :The games in this selection can also be played on PS4, we explain how.

How to transfer your games and games from PS4 to PS5

If you come to PS5 after having PS4 it is very likely that you want to keep all your data and progress from the previous generation console . The good news is that Sony has thought about this and offers several ways to transfer all that information from one console to another, so that not only do you play your PS4 games on PS5, but you can also do it from the point where you stayed in the past generation. Here we explain all the necessary steps to carry out this data transfer , either through a wireless connection, cable or with the help of external storage devices.

  • Transfer via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable :How to transfer your data through an Internet connection.
  • Transfer of physical and digital games :How to play your PS4 games on PS5.
  • How to play PS4 games from an external drive :PS5 allows you to play backward compatible titles from an HDD.
  • Transferring games from PS4 to PS5 :Methods to carry your progress from one generation to another.

PS5 DualSense Haptic Technology: What is it and what is it for?

One of the main novelties of PS5 is its controller, the DualSense , a new device that comes to revolutionize the control of video games thanks to its haptic technology , based on high definition vibration and adaptive triggers . Thanks to the implementation of this technology, the PS5 games that are compatible with it may feel in a different way than what we are used to. In this article we explain everything you need to know about DualSense, which games use it and how they do it .

  • Haptic feedback :what it is and where we will perceive it.
  • Differences with traditional vibration :Points where this technology differs from the one we already know.
  • The importance of developersupport : Without support from companies, this technology will not reach its full potential.

PS5 review, is it worth it?

With everything we have seen in this guide, you still ask yourself a fundamental question: is it worth the jump to PS5? In Vandal we have been able to test the console in depth, tinkering with all its new functionalities, diving in its menus and playing both its new titles and some of the PS4 to see how much that improvement is noticeable through backward compatibility and Boost mode. Here you can read our analysis of PS5 , one in which we effectively talk about it as a machine in which the generational leap is noticeable and a lot.

  • Video analysis :We tell you in video what we found PS5.
  • PS5 design :Analysis of the external section of the console, unboxing
  • Interface and internal design :We talked about the feeling of novelty that comes from browsing the PS5.
  • DualSense Review :Does the PS5 Controller Deliver as Promised?
  • PS5 SSD: A true paradigm shift.
  • Audio 3D Tempest: We tested how PS5 improves sound in any type of headset.

All the differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X

And finally, it is always interesting to see how different the two main new-generation consoles are; Sony’s and Microsoft’s. Because PS5 is not the only new game console to be released this year: Xbox has also launched two new generation models, Series X and Series S, and in this article we wanted to make a comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X , the most expensive, big and powerful of the two. We put face to face its power, its price, its games, its storage, its controls and a lot of other details that facilitate the comparison between one proposal and another.

  • Main differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X : Wedetail how the two new-generation consoles differ.
  • Comparative analysis :We put the analysis of PS5 and Xbox Series X face to face.
  • Technical comparison :Table in which we compare the specifications of both consoles in crude form.
  • Services and subscriptions :We compare the services available on each console, such as PS Plus, PS Now or Xbox Game Pass.
  • Compared catalog :We put PS5 games and Xbox Series X games face to face.


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