The PlayStation 4 horror alphabet – Special

With the evolution of technology, games are increasingly able to leave us speechless thanks to huge open worlds or an incredible technical sector. Not all donuts, however, succeed with the hole, so here PlayStationBit has decided to create a real gallery of ugliness by creating the alphabet of horror . An ugly game for each letter, to demonstrate that technology is not enough to create a masterpiece.

Afro Samurai 2:: Kuma’s Revenge Vol. 1 : despite many good products, Versus Evil cannot save the samurai from round hair, thanks to an embarrassing technical sector and a plot not up to par.

Blood Waves : the good Ivan suggests to keep a roll of toilet paper at hand while you try the work of Sometimes You, a decidedly intelligent suggestion.

Coffin Dodgers : old men who run away from death on board editable go karts. All the humor in the world would not save Coffin Dodgers, however, who has become a legend enough to become a cult trash like certain Z series films.

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival : nostalgia, rogue nostalgia. More than anything else because it pushed some to throw their money away to buy this football game that could have remained in the past.

Extinction : the real problem of the work of Modus Games was to treat it as a triple A, when on balance it could beat it with some indies. Sixty euros that can be spent elsewhere.

Five Star Wrestling: ReGenesis : before finding out how low 2K Games wrestling could go, Serious Parody’s work was (and probably still is) the worst fight exponent between sweaty big boys in tight costumes.

Godzilla : What can go wrong taking a popular giant monster intent on destroying other giant monsters? Everything, as shown by the unthinkable Godzilla. Ah, it is also inspired by a film, which is also terrible. Will it be a coincidence?

Homefront: The Revolution : If you’re wondering if Homefront was able to recover after a debatable first chapter, The Revolution has fortunately managed to dispel any doubts. The answer is no.

Immortal: Unchained : a souls-like shooter with a sci-fi setting is a bit like salmon, rhubarb and Nutella soup. As the good old Joe Bastianich would say: “Do you want me to die?”

Joe’s Diner : a restaurant built on an Indian cemetery, a mischievous ghost and a waiter who can only use one hand. All elements that make Joe’s Diner similar to a manure shovel on a white wall.

Kill Strain : the perfect bait for users, enter the word “free”. Unfortunately, the fact of being free-to-play is the only element in favor of the sad and negligible Kill Strain.

Little Adventure on the Prairie : the L is a coveted letter from obscene games. Little Adventure of the Prairie beats the Life of Black Tiger wool thread, but only because the review of our Giovanni will be remembered for years.


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