Playing video games “helps improve children’s literature and well-being,” says study

This new study has revealed that children’s games have positive benefits, especially during unexpected times like the ones we are seeing with the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a study carried out by the National Literacy Trust , evidence has been found that almost three-quarters (73%) of reluctant readers have found help playing video games because they have made them feel like they are part of history . Meanwhile, two thirds (65%) answered the survey carried out claiming that they had helped them imagine being someone else , suggesting that this is good for their empathy .

Many children said that playing video games had also helped them , either coping with, or escaping, stress or complicated emotions. On the other hand, many parents answered that talking with friends about video games during confinement, due to the coronavirus pandemic , has been very helpful for the well-being of their children .

More than half (56%) of these parents said that their daughter chatted with family and / or friends in addition to playing a video game during confinement, and that 3 out of 5 (60%) felt that this helped. Jonathan Douglas, Executive Director of the  National Literacy Trust , said: “This research has totally suggested that mechanisms that young people enjoyed before are the best way to introduce them to reading and writing.”

Douglas added: ” COVID-19 has significantly disrupted youth literacy and learning these months, so we want to make sure nothing is left unresolved by looking for new and innovative ways to support this when children return. to school”. Andy Robertson, a video game journalist , said that games helped his son connect with different people around the globe.

The more I played, the more I realized that there were more forms of entertainment . My son made new friends from other countries and also asked: ‘How about France?’ ‘How are you in Germany?’ This has helped him increase his prospects. ” The benefits have been greatest in children and reluctant readers .

Everyone is playing a lot more and on different platforms since COVID started, according to a study

Rhianna Pratchett , who has already worked on games like Tomb Raider and Mirror’s Edge , has said that the results were expected, adding: “Video games do not transport to new worlds, new experiences that make us feel part of history like no other medium. I see no surprise in seeing that children have such a high commitment to games .

The research has been carried out as part of a new campaign by the  National Literacy Trust , the Association of UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) and Penguin Random House Children’s, to explore the relationship between video games and literature and literacy among older children. school .



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