Play on Telegram with my friends from a chat or group

Telegram has been the instant messaging application of the moment for various reasons. Since the scandal of the privacy policies of its main competitor, WhatsApp, this platform has benefited.

Many of the people who have started to use Telegram need to know something: how to play Telegram with my friends from a chat or group with the best games?

Thanks to this article you will be able to verify something: that Telegram is much more than a simple instant messaging application. It is convenient to review a little of its history and its most relevant functions. That way … you’ll end up preferring it.

The history of Telegram

This extraordinary application has been developed by two Russian brothers. They are Nikolai and Pável Dúrov . These brothers are former workers of the VK platform (also known as the Russian Facebook).

The launch of this application was announced in 2013 . Despite having enough features to be among the most important applications, it did not enjoy the deserved popularity. However, time would put things, little by little, in their place.

The number of people who prefer Telegram grows exponentially. The main reason is due to the diverse and incredible tools and functions that the application has. Telegram, more than an instant messaging application, is also a file hosting service.

Extraordinary qualities and great availability

Telegram has qualities that few applications can boast. Through this platform you can send files with a size limit of 2GB . In addition, it should be noted that you have a storage cloud. A simply essential function for saving messages, photos, videos, etc.

Telegram can be used, practically, from wherever you want. It is not an exclusive application for mobile devices . It is available, on Smartphone, for devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

While Telegram for computers is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. As if this weren’t enough, a web version is also available .

Privacy and comfort

One of the most important issues when using this and any other application is privacy. At first glance, Telegram gives the impression that it has the same policies as other applications. However, to the extent that you use the application, you realize that it goes much further .

Not only does it have functions that allow you to start a secret chat , but it is also possible to send messages that “self-destruct”. A huge plus in this sense is the possibility of using and having a Telegram account without a phone number .

Play on Telegram with my friends from a chat or group

Another of the details that differentiates Telegram from the rest of the messaging applications are the games. Without a doubt, it has been one of the accessories that has attracted the most attention from users.

No topic of conversation? How about breaking the ice of your Telegram group with a fun game? This is one of the best Telegram tricks , and here you can discover the most popular games.

The use of bots

Whether to play on Telegram with your friends from a chat or group or for other activities, bots cannot be missing! Since these are precisely the ones that will provide fun games for you and your friends to kill boredom.

How can you make use of these bots? Very easy. Access Telegram and click on a magnifying glass icon that you will see in the upper right part of your screen. Once there, you can search for the bots @gamee or @gamebot. Through them you will find games such as:

  • Keep it UP.
  • Moto FX.
  • Kung Fu Inc.
  • Lumberjack.

These games are extraordinary both to share with your friends and to play by yourself. However, if the group is large, you can find other great games such as UNO (@unobot).

What are you waiting to enjoy Telegram?

Are not these reasons more than enough to create an account on Telegram ? More and more users prefer this excellent application. Currently, it has more than 500 million active users . Make the Telegram community grow and invite your friends to play!

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