How to plant the pistachio tree

Do you know where pistachios come from? The pistachio tree , also known as alfónsigo, pistachero or alfóncigo, is a small tree, native to the mountainous regions of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, which produces a fruit called pistachio, which has a use culinary. Its scientific name is Pistacia vera and is often confused with other species of the genus Pistacia. Read on to know how to plant the pistachio plant .

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In Spain the crop is a minority, but during these last 10 years it has increased considerably due to its profitability. The pistachio tree is a rustic tree that tolerates extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Between July and August it is in the ripening stage, which is where it needs a lot of heat and a dry environment to avoid pests and diseases.

In winter, the pistachio tree needs cold for proper flowering and pollination. The ideal rainfall for this crop ranges between 500 and 600 mm per year. To grow pistachios in your home garden you can do two things: buy the pistachio plant and transplant it from the pot to the ground, or germinate its seeds .

Keep in mind that the pistachio plant needs pollen to reproduce, so it is ideal that you acquire a male and a female plant and plant them in the spring.

When the pistachio tree is planted

The purchased pistachio tree should be transplanted from the pot to the ground during spring. When you do, you should water the tree with water soaking the soil very well. The pistachio plant will take between 7 and 10 years to grow, but a year and a half will begin to bear fruit.

Although you can get pistachio seeds , it is best to buy the tree and plant it in your garden, taking into account that it is a tree with deep roots and, therefore, it requires a lot of space.

Water, earth, light and weather

The pistachio tree does not require excess water and can even withstand up to five years of drought. On the other hand, it adapts to any type of soil, although it prefers sandy and well drained. As for light and weather, it requires direct sunlight almost all day and is usually adapted to temperate and dry climates.

Where do pistachios come from?

After 30 months, the tree will begin to bear fruit (pistachios), although there are some that have just started at age seven or more. The best time to collect pistachios is between the end of August and the beginning of September.

How to plant pistachios from seeds?

If you want to germinate pistachio seeds , it is best to buy pistachio without roasting. Make use of a bowl of water at room temperature and let the pistachio seeds soak for 48 hours. Roll the small fruits in a towel and store it in the fridge for a month and a half.

It is essential that during this period the towel remains wet. After this time, remove the towel from the refrigerator and let it rest in a dark area at 20-30 ° C. To collect the pistachios you will have to be patient, since the first fruits will take about 30 months to appear.

Pistachio Properties

Pistachio has a lot of properties and health benefits. Of the nuts, these come to be the richest in proteins and, in addition, they have an excellent amount of good fats, folic acid and fiber. Pistachios help lower bad blood cholesterol and increase good cholesterol thanks to its fatty acids. On the other hand, it increases the defenses, improves blood circulation, prevents the accumulation of fats to the arteries and lowers high blood glucose levels.

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