The Place and Importance of Belief in Human Life?

We have created a very effective content for you to have detailed information about the place and importance of the belief in Allah in human life. Here, belief in Allah and the place of belief in Allah in human life…

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The place and importance of the belief in Allah in human life is very large. Because the person feels safe, does not worry about any financial problems, what he does and does is believed to be recorded by the angels and that this will result in punishment-reward in the hereafter by Allah (cc).

There are many items and details that can be said about the place and importance of the belief in God in human life . Now, if you wish, let’s explain them in items.

God gives faith, love for life

If a person knows why he came to the world, he has an owner of what he sees in the world, he will only gain love for life. Self-aware, tree, flower, insects etc. Those who think that they exist spontaneously or are a result of nature, do not have a love of living because they see the world as “stray”. But a person who knows that the owner of everything he sees and cannot see in the world is Allah (swt); respectful to nature, uses nature to the extent permitted by it. More importantly, one cannot create a beauty without thinking about what kind of place he has built in the hereafter, and this will strengthen the joy of life for God.

God’s belief ensures that one is honest

People who do not believe in the power of any creator, do not believe that they will get what they will do in the world in the hereafter, they tend to do evil. The belief in Allah is one of the conditions of faith, and one of the greatest benefits of this condition is that it makes the person be honest. Because being honest is the order of Allah (swt), and those who are not honest are punished in apocalypse. Acting with the awareness of this, the person becomes honest as it is.

God’s belief ensures that one is sincere

In our topic titled  The basic principles of worship  , we have said that there is a requirement of “being away from showing off” in order for worship to be accepted . Staying away from showing off means worshiping without riya. If we explain more; “Unpretentious worship” is a worship made with the consciousness that the worshiper is always watching Allah. The place and importance of the belief in Allah in human life is most evident here. Believe in God, the worship they do, their goodness, their knowledge, etc. he is sincere for doing all for the sake of Allah.

Allah ensures that the person speaks correctly when talking about faith

“Being truthful” is a behavior that Allah (swt) commands people. “Only those who do not believe in the verses of Allah make up and slander; they are the liars themselves. ” (Nahl-105) is commanded. A person who believes in Allah (cc) also believes in the verses of Allah and a person who has such a belief is afraid to slander because he thinks it has a price. When talking to people, he does not lie, he knows that if he lies, he will both appear in the world and know that he will account for it in the apocalypse.

God’s faith ensures fairness and mercy

The only reason Muslims behave justly and mercifully is that they are commanded by Allah (swt). All the qualities such as helping relatives, speaking correctly when witnessing, and being fair when judging something are the place and importance of the belief in God in human life. As a matter of fact, Allah (swt) says the following in the verse:  “Certainly, God orders justice to do good and help relatives; it also prohibits mischief, badness and horny. He advises you to think and hold. ” (Nahl-90)

The belief in God ensures that one is merciful to his parents

Mother and father are human’s most valuable assets in the world. The right of the mother and father who gives birth, grows and protects against all kinds of dangers is also great in the sight of Allah (cc). While we were giving information about the messages given in the 23rd verse, Surat al-Isra , our previous subject, we wrote the verse. Verse; “Your Lord has just commanded you to serve him and treat your parents well. If one or both of them get older with you, don’t even call them anger! Don’t scold them! Say good words to both of you . (Isra-23) was ordering. In other words, it is seen that a person who believes is compassionate towards his parents.

We have to say that this is a general and brief summary of the information we provide about the place and importance of belief in human life . Because belief in Allah has a great effect on human. But as a result of all this, it would be better to say this;

“A person who believes in God is a person who believes that everything he will do will have a response. He knows that the environment will not be harmed and that he will be compassionate, honest and fair towards people. If he does not act like this, he knows that he will account for it on the Day of Judgment. He does not fail in favor of his parents and does not engage in jobs that they will not settle for. All this is the place and importance of the belief in Allah in human life. ”


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