Pink slime: pink slime can be labeled as minced meat

The pink slime , known in Italy as pink slime , may, in the opinion of the USDA, being labeled soon as ground beef. The decision is destined to be discussed …

Do you remember the controversy of a few years ago relating to the so-called ” pink slime “, that is the sort of filler for the classic minced meat made with the waste of the cattle industry? Well back to being talked about following a decision (very controversial) of the Department of Agriculture of the United States of America (USDA).

After last month evaluation, the Service for the food safety and inspection USDA (FSIS) has given the green light to Beef Products Inc . (BPI), a South Dakota company that produces pink slime , to label the product as minced meat.

For years, the company has claimed that its flagship product is safe, healthy and not unlike the meat commonly used to make hamburgers. And today he seems to have won his battle.

“After examining the presentation of BPI of a new product and a new production process, FSIS has established that the product meets the regulatory definition of minced meat according to the law in 9 CFR 319.15 (a) and can be labeled accordingly” he said a spokesman dell’FSIS .

FSIS defines it as a “new” product as the production process has evolved substantially since 2012, although the way it has changed is not exactly clear. Beef Products Inc. said it has improved the way it makes meat pasta but does not share any detail on it and nothing has been leaked even by FSIS.

The “pink slime” case

For those who do not remember the case, in March 2012 the controversy broke out around this product when the ABC News television network made known to American consumers that 70% of the minced meat sold in the States contains Pink slime . Until then, no one knew since the laws allowed “100% beef” to be written on the packaging even though in reality there was a fair percentage of pink slime inside the minced meat.

This, always for those who don’t remember, is a disgusting mush made using meat scraps such as cartilage, tendons and other connective tissues, very finely shredded, separated from the fat in high pressure presses and then sprayed with ammonia to sterilize everything and avoid the bacteria problem. Finally, the addition of artificial flavors takes place.

After the scandal in America, there was a collapse in minced meat sales, then slowly the attention on the subject diminished. In the meantime, several years have passed during which, however, the Beef Products Inc . she did not give up and asked who to authorize to call her product “minced meat” in all respects.

Legally, BPI can now sell its product under this heading. But will Americans and the rest of the world agree that this is really the right term?

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