Pink color in psychology

Pink is a mixture of red and white. Pink is romantic and gentle. He is the embodiment of kindness and gentleness. The warmth of pink dissolves everything negative and gloomy. Pink perfectly calms, causes a feeling of comfort and coziness. This is the color of reconciliation and good feelings, it helps to gently get out of critical and conflict situations. The paler it is, the stronger the expression of love.

Pink color
in psychology

Pink is a color that can be confidently called the color of happiness. And the point is not only in the famous saying about “pink glasses”, but in those feelings that can cause this shade. Pink is the delicate skin of a newborn baby and blooming gardens in the spring. Thinking about this color, you involuntarily recall the aroma of roses, sweet and alluring. After all, it was in honor of this flower that this shade got its name.

The pink color in psychology firmly strengthened its position as a calming and calming color. Psychologists believe that the contemplation of the pink color in one or another of its manifestations dulls aggression and can calm even the most excited person. Pink color in psychology is also associated with femininity and tenderness. Unlike passionate red, pink color is associated with affability and affectionate attitude, for example, to a child or woman.

Pink is the color of people born under the constellation Pisces

Pink is a soft color that dulls the emotions of anger and aggression. Pink can mean good, passion, romance, love. Those who prefer pink want to live a full life, want new experiences, are hardworking and do not like to relax. But sometimes people who prefer the pink color can be frivolous, infantile, loving to show off in front of everyone. An excess of pink indicates the need for protection, about moving away from real life into a world of dreams, fairy tales and lofty thoughts. Excessive passion for pink betrays a desire to subordinate events to his will, speaks of an excess of self-confidence, contributes to the manifestation of excessive compliance and excessive emotionality.

Positive characteristics

Friendliness, femininity, maturity

Negative characteristics

Frivolity (weakening the influence of red), putting oneself on display

Pink color invigorates, cheers up, fills with vitality. Pink color refers to warm shades, which means it has all their properties. It stimulates blood circulation, the work of internal organs and other important processes in the body. However, unlike the more aggressive warm colors, this makes it extremely soft. The pink color will set you in a positive mood and drive away drowsiness.

Pink color as a symbol

Pink is a glimmer of hope after a long period of stagnation. These are the first flowers of spring, new life, new perspectives. In this sense, pink can be called the color of the transformation. These are the wings of a young butterfly after her birth from an ugly chrysalis. In ancient Rome, this color was associated with the beautiful Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Perhaps that is why many cosmetic products for women, personal care products are still painted in this color.
Pink can also be called a symbol of sentimentality and childish simplicity. The phrase “pink dreams” refers to those desires that are not destined to come true because of their isolation from earthly realities.

Shades of pink

  • The color of the orchid(light purple) in the positive aspect is the emphasis on a bright personality, in the negative – excessive exoticism, intransigence, the motto is “all or nothing.”
  • Red – purple. Such a person does not recognize slavery; everything that he needs takes delicately and carefully; suffers from a syndrome – “it used to be better than now,” that is, it lives mainly in the past. This color improves well-being. In a negative aspect – depersonalization and lack of individuality.
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