Physiotherapists recommend beach volleyball

Physiotherapists in Madrid recommend beach volleyball to stay active in the summer. The Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid ( Cpfcm ) recommends the practice of beach volleyball as one of the best alternatives for physical activity and staying active in summer.

According to the physiotherapist and spokesperson for the Cpfcm, Néstor Requejo, “beach volleyball is a fairly complete sport that produces improvements at the cardiovascular level and has an impact on strength, especially in the lower limbs, since it is an activity that requires continuous movements and jumps , with the added difficulty of doing it on beach sand ».

In addition, it is a sports practice that does not require prior preparation, “provided that it is carried out in its proper measure and taking into account the physical state of each person and taking care that the teams have a homogeneous level,” Requejo indicates, by what everyone can practice it .

In this sense, it affects the few contraindications that this sport entails, from which one will have to abstain only in situations of excessive cardiovascular risk, a history of repeated ankle sprain, knee or shoulder injuries, or in case of having a condition extremely bad physics.

Beach volleyball is also a sport that involves a large number of muscle groups , especially the lower limbs as a consequence of the movements and jumps that are carried out continuously, and the shoulder muscles due to the particularity of the auction gesture. .

Lastly, physiotherapists recall that, although it is not a sport that needs specific prior preparation, “it is advisable to perform a prior warm-up that includes dynamic mobility exercises for the whole body, especially the ankles, knees, shoulder girdle and wrists” Requejo concludes.


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