PGA Tour 2K21 Review: Elite Golf

2K Sports embarks on a new world, that of golf, with the launch of a video game on this theme. The one that is one of the most elite sports and with greater contact with nature receives a complete simulator with which we can spend dozens of hours between golf games and the multiple customization options it offers.


  • What does PGA Tour 2K21 offer?
  • What are the main game modes like?
  • What can we customize for our golfer?
  • Is it difficult to play PGA Tour 2K21?
  • What is the field editor like?
  • Does PGA Tour 2K21 Live Up to Expectations?

‘ PGA Tour 2K21 ‘ is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and after several hours of play we went on to analyze this golf title. 2K Sports is participating in this sport for the first time, although it does so with the creative help of HB Studios, developer of golf video games released in the past without the official PGA Tour license .

What does PGA Tour 2K21 offer?

Logically we are talking about a golf video game, but which is not limited only to simulating this sport. In addition to being able to play individually, we also have the option of facing other players locally or over the Internet, as well as teaming up with them through the so-called “ online partnerships ”.

On the other hand, the 2K Sports  title has multiple customization options for our character, being able to configure their appearance in great detail and also offering us the option to buy different clothes and utensils for our avatar (shirts, caps, golf clubs …).

In addition to being able to play individually we can also face other players locally or through the Internet.

In addition, the game includes a way to create our own golf circuit , selecting different parameters such as the percentage of trees we want to see, or the water level in the area.

Finally, to fully introduce ourselves to the world of golf, the game has a complete training mode with which we will start in our first game. In it, they not only teach us the controls, but also those who are not familiar with the sport also teach all the terminology of golf.

What are the main game modes like?

As main modes, in ‘PGA Tour 2K21’ we have the quick games of the ” Play now ” mode and the “PGA Tour” mode, in which we can perform a series of challenges along different circuits.

The first game mode is available for both local and online play. If we play from a single console, we can face ourselves trying to improve the par of each hole or face a ghost rival. In the case of playing multiplayer on the same console, in ‘ PGA Tour 2K21 ‘ it is not necessary more than to have a single controller to play up to 4 people.

When we play a local game , in addition to being able to select the field we want (there are 42 different ones, plus those we think) we can change multiple parameters such as the game mode (by number of strokes, Stableford, Matchplay …), length of the route , wind speed, if we want to score with a handicap …

If we play online, we can play with the people who search for the game through matchmaking , or we can create a private game and play with friends.

What can we customize for our golfer?

Through the MyPlayer mode we can customize our character from ‘PGA Tour 2K21’ practically in its entirety. Regarding the appearance of the golfer, we can change even the most minute detail ; We are not only talking about putting a different hair color or establishing its height and weight, but for each section, such as the nose, we can establish multiple parameters: length, width, height, deviation, width and depth of the bridge …

In addition to all this configuration, which in itself can give us more than an hour of characterization, we also have the possibility of changing our wardrobe and the golf bag. On the wardrobe side we have a wide range of caps, t-shirts, pants, socks, tennis, glasses … As for the golf bag, we can change the different clubs in the game one by one.

Both in clothing and in golf bag we will have to spend game coins to acquire the different designs. We will earn these coins as we play games, but they can also be purchased with real money.

Is it difficult to play PGA Tour 2K21?

The work of HB Studios is not exactly difficult to handle, although it does have a very high complexity to master all the techniques perfectly from day one. Knowing how to interpret which club is the most appropriate, if it is correct to give effect to the ball, if we must shoot straight or to the side due to the wind … all that and much more will only be acquired with experience . Of course, it is also very important to have some patience and not hit at the first change if we are not 100% sure that the shot will go well.

‘ PGA Tour 2K21 ‘ offers to select between several levels of difficulty, so that those who are starting can set the easiest modes and have multiple game aids such as, for example, being able to preview where the ball is predictably going to land. In addition, there is also the training mode, where the game invites us to practice different strokes and techniques.

‘PGA Tour 2K21’ has multiple aids such as, for example, being able to preview where the ball is predictably going to land.

What is the field editor like?

‘PGA Tour 2K21’ offers a course designer thanks to which we can create our own golf courses. This designer at first seems quite simple, it has a few parameters that we can establish to a greater or lesser extent ( number of holes, percentage of trees, plants, rocks , hills, bunkers, width of the fairways …), in addition to being able to choose the type of place in which we find ourselves.

Once we set the parameters we want, we already have what would be a kind of “draft” of our golf course where now we can be more detailed. We can place objects (signs, bridges, trees …) or even modify the terrain to our liking, flattening and raising surfaces.

Does PGA Tour 2K21 Live Up to Expectations?

As a simulator few things can be missed in ‘PGA Tour 2K21’, although among them would be the option of being able to play with motion control. In terms of graphics, the game delivers; It looks good and fluid beyond having some more or less worked designs, and in terms of sound the music is only in the background in the game menus, respecting the silence and ambient sound typical of when a golfer is about to perform a swing .

In what we have played, we find some small flaws that in no case detract from the gaming experience; we talk about very small and specific things such as some cut text or very occasional lighting failures.

For golf fans, ‘ PGA Tour 2K21 ‘ offers a very complete simulation experience of the sport. In this sense, the game perfectly fulfills its mission with 42 game scenarios, a multitude of customization options for our character and a gameplay pampered down to the smallest detail to offer all the possibilities and conditions that can be given in a game. golf afternoon in the real world.

Of course, we are talking about a game much more designed for golf fans than for video game fans in general. Anyone expecting something that moves away from traditional golf or simply incorporates other “party” modes to hang out, this is not your video game.


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