Personal self-development. Where to begin?

Many people on their path in life come to the realization that it is time to pull themselves together and begin to engage in self-development. It’s really cool, personally, I’m always for development!

You need a beginning, a starting point, a starting point, a line beyond which one should step and fall through the throat into another life. After all, there is a danger at the beginning of the path to go in the wrong direction and lose the most important thing that we have – time. Or start too briskly and end up spitting on it and returning to where you started.

In any case, interest in self-development is already good, but only if the interest does not pass in a couple of days, as is the case with many people who have taken this path.

Okay, it’s time to get down to practical action.


Any action requires energy. No matter how powerful an SUV you have, no matter how many things you load into it, if there is no fuel in it (or it will soon run out), everything is meaningless.

To achieve any result, the energy of our body is needed. For example, you need a result – become the head of a department or take first place in a competition. You will not be able to play the fool and still get the result. It doesn’t happen like this, period!

I noticed long ago that energy is needed first, and then everything else. Fools very often succeed, they are more effective than lazy intellectuals, they do more, try more, make more mistakes and, as a result, REACH MORE.

Where to get energy?

In fact, there is a catch in this question. Energy does not need to be scooped up, every person has it, it is just that a person really squanders it on dubious pleasures. Take them away and you become an energetic. You will energize yourself and others by stopping doing meaningless things.

  1. When I quit smoking, I felt much better after a month. I began to sleep deeper, I had more energy and my mood improved.
  2. Once I drank a bottle of beer. The next day I felt that it was more difficult for me to run (I run every day). I forgot that I had drunk the day before, and attributed it to fatigue, but then it dawned on me: alcohol in any quantity provokes laziness. A glass of wine first gives strength, and then takes away. Therefore, reduce alcohol to the bare minimum. To zero.
  3. Proper nutrition. Chemicals, which are almost everywhere, make our body lose the energy to process them. Therefore, I advise you to filter what you eat. After the New Year, you can especially feel a breakdown – the result of alcohol and chemicals. Coffee into the furnace, I say right away! And all sorts of energy there – even more so. You are an energetic yourself.
  4. Movement is energy. The more you move, the faster your heart works. But how does human thinking work? Many people think: “If I go to run after a hard day at work, I will get even more tired. I already have no strength. What sport is there? ” Or there are idiots (I can’t name it differently) who think that sex takes energy, so they save their energy and say: “This is sublimation.” Well, idiots, what to take from them?

All this is nonsense. The more you move, the more you want. A person gets used to everything and everything, like a drug addict, sits down. This is our psyche and this is our physiology, nothing can be done, so you need to use it.

If you lie on the couch, you will sit on it. If you run in the morning, you get hooked on it. You just have to choose what to get hooked on.

When a person smokes the first cigarette, he feels an unpleasant taste in his mouth, he feels bad and disgusting. When he takes alcohol, it’s the same. It’s unpleasant. Nauseous and the stomach wants to get rid of it.

When you are a child sitting at a desk, you are forced to sit motionless for several hours, while energy is in full swing in you, you feel withdrawal. You feel bad, sad and want to move.

We get addicted to what we are constantly doing and what we think about.

You just have to choose what to get hooked on and do it all the time.

The first step to self-development is to use your energy wisely.

How to develop thinking?

The second step to self-development is to develop your thinking.

It’s all about what’s in our heads. What thoughts, such and actions, what actions, such and results. It simply does not happen otherwise. Any success is effective thinking.

In short: a person has the ability to consciously influence his thoughts and can make thought an idea that will determine our actions. And the idea ignites the eyes. And nothing can stop you.

If you start working with your thoughts on a serious level, then in this case you will not only develop, but also use your thinking effectively! If you go from the state of “thinking” to the state of “thinking”, then thinking will begin to pump like a muscle.

For the record, very few people are involved in developing thinking, so you have a huge advantage.

Nonsense classes. Don’t kill your time

I don’t understand why so many people act equally stupid? Although the answer is very simple: they are driven by their instincts and emotions and engage in social nonsense.

People complain

Why get into the weakling pose? I feel bad, they pay me little, they left me, they betrayed me, they didn’t call me, I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m tired, they don’t understand me and the like. From such people turn back, I want to leave them. As a result, such compassionate individuals find their own kind, and they play games, who are worse off. The one who is the worst wins. Prize – everyone regrets him. Next time you start doing social nonsense, remember what I said and SHUT OFF.

Children complain, sick and unhappy. When you complain, you take their place. In order to begin to develop effectively, it is imperative to leave the spot of the victim and go into the light of the author of your life. Let the other bastards complain, and you take action! It’s harder, but more productive.

People discuss

Gossip attracts people, and they get hooked on this business. By discussing other people, we do not solve our problems. We don’t get richer, smarter, or more successful. We’re just wasting a lot of time.

People are lazy

No, we have already written about energy. But there is another kind of laziness. This is a show. Hey, I’m working on myself! I watch educational films, I read tons of useful books, I write down goals and keep a diary. Oh yeah! I’m working on myself. But I cannot call it self-development.

It is simply a detachment from action and a choice of comfort. It seems like you act, it seems like you develop, it seems like you even strive. But in fact, this is laziness, just an excuse for oneself, that you seem to be improving yourself, although in fact such a person does not strive for anything. If you notice this comfortable bastard in yourself, then strangle him with action.

The third step to self-development – stop doing nonsense!

Get busy. Work

You must have a case. This is what you should do.

If you have no business, then find it. After all, how is it you have no business? At least I gave you a task – to fulfill 10 and one dream. Let it be your job, direct everything you have there.

The most pressing question: “What should I do to actively develop?” My answer: “Do what will lead you to the result.” You have to, no, you just have to KNOW what you want to come to, otherwise you will walk in circles and become frustrated along the way.

The fourth step to self-development – do it, constantly improve in your business.

So what do we have?

  1. The most important thing for self-development is our energy. We are nothing without her. Therefore, the first thing to start with self-development is not to waste your energy on all sorts of nonsense!
  2. Ask everyone you can, and you’re unlikely to find someone working on their thinking. Therefore, we have very few competitors.
  3. Don’t be bullshit! Stop complaining, discussing, and being lazy. Free yourself from these ailments!
  4. Have your own business. Work!

I.e. You are energetic, with effective thinking, do not waste time and work on your business.

Read the previous sentence three times. Now you know how and where to go. You just need to act, act and act again.

How do you get started?

Now it’s time to act. The book tends to end, life tends to end. Therefore, it is stupid to hesitate!

It’s hard to disagree with the fact that you need to take action to be successful. Get your skinny ass up and hit the road.

Without action, inaction. If you do nothing, you will get nothing. Pure physics.

Now you live your life. You have dreams in your head (11 pieces!). And you know roughly what exactly needs to be done. You know … A rough plan exists in your head. Lives a foggy life in order to die of old age.

But you don’t even take the first step. You make up your mind, make up your mind, make up your mind – and never make up your mind. It’s like you are parachuting from a bench.

And someone acts and someone attains. And you still hesitate and hesitate. Here in the world another success story is born, another person shoots, another portion of success falls on someone. But not on you. You walk on dusty ground. For what?

Stop reaching out for mediocrity

Mindless people

I don’t understand one thing. There are so many mediocre mindless friends around you. They are like green flies around a fresh heap … Well, you get the idea, in general, who is who …

You walk back and forth in pairs, talk about something super important, gossip. Then you go to the next mediocrity – and again there is an exchange of insignificant information.

Why the hell are you living like this? Look at whoever is around. Your partner, friend, colleague, buddy, girlfriend. This person probably shoots a bunch of jokes like a machine gun to make you have fun … Or he understands you, he is the one …

This person is probably spreading rumors emotionally.

Who, whom and when? What do people say? What’s new? What’s the news? Who fucked up? Yes, in each of you lives a shriveled grandmother on a bench! You have already grown old, although now you do not understand it. Then you will understand.

You just are not used to it differently. You are drawn to people simply because you need to reach out to them. And they are drawn to you simply because they need to reach out. No aesthetics … So it turns out that you are trapped in a social instinct.

Sometimes I was so disappointed in people! I saw some non-standard person whose potential was off scale. And then a senseless person approached this person, and the first one immediately turned into a mediocrity. Into the same walking nonsense …

A group of people makes a shameless amoeba out of a nugget. The herd runs and swallows individuality in the crowd. Hey, I’m talking about you! Come back from heaven to earth. You will have time for your heavens!

It’s a shame …

Once I went to a competition with a team. I was new to the team and didn’t know anyone. Everyone talked to each other, but they did not look at me. And I had to communicate with everyone, constantly trying to attract attention to myself.

And then I thought, why the hell do I need them? I am on my own!

By the way, after this decision was made, they began to pay attention to me, communicate with me, although I no longer needed it …

From that moment on, I began to live like that. By itself. I don’t need to try to please someone, I don’t need to respond to idiotic jokes, I don’t need to go to meaningless meetings, I don’t need to communicate with meaningless people simply because I need to communicate with them. I can step aside.

I am a cat walking on my own. I am alone, and other people do not influence my thoughts. I am clean in this regard. I can think as I want without listening to anyone. At the same time, I do not suffer from loneliness, but surround myself with those who are dear to me. And it helps me to act.

Nobody dissuades me. Nobody says that I will not succeed and will not succeed. I don’t consult with anyone, I just do it. It’s easy for me to get started.

This small turn in thinking is very noticeable in the results. Sometimes, when I don’t know something, I search the Internet for answers. But I never rely on them. I do not listen to other authors, I try to understand how they came to this, and do not take their knowledge as a dogma. In the end, it’s easier for me to start acting! Nobody bothers me!

The salt is that a person does not realize that a bunch of unnecessary people around him are limiting. He, following his instinct, tries to be in the crowd. Therefore, he lives as the crowd lives. But often such a crowd doesn’t have a damn thing in life. They have achieved nothing and will never achieve anything. And you will not be given, wanting good, shit and distracting, clouding your social mind.

To communicate with effective people, stop communicating with meaningless people.


Pointless things

And sometimes a person looks like a cabbage. Awkward, on its own wave. Dressed at random. Inconspicuous and silent. But he is power! He has a spirit inside! He walks among everyone, and no one pays attention to him.

However, he achieved more than dozens of people around him. And he does not boast of it, does not boast, but lives modestly. He can buy all your show-offs in bulk, but he saves on himself and invests in his business. Nobody knows that he is a dollar millionaire. Or the creator of a famous app. Or the most successful surgeon in the country.

And there are people who show off. They are hypocrites. They try to sparkle with colors, like peacocks with their tails down.

They get tattoos to get noticed. They buy expensive things to get noticed. They try to stand out. And among whom? Among the same as themselves.

That is, competition in the group of mediocrity. Whoever has a brighter toy has a second euphoria.

Purchase of imposed goods

Somewhere sits a smart person who hired smart marketers, and they suggested that some things will make you cooler. You get endorphins only because it is very beneficial for someone and someone gets them a thousand times more than you.

A person surrounds himself with show-off only in order not to act. Substitutes action for acquiring meaningless things for real action.

As a result, you have a bunch of useless things at home that you don’t use, but the dust settles on them very smoothly.

Become an ascetic

Separate yourself from this meaninglessness, from these people pulling you down, from the expensive things that replace your actions.

And start acting.

For example, I can afford a lot. But I don’t do it. I have enough money in my account to live a comfortable life without working until the end of my days. I invest in stocks and real estate. And not in show-off, on which you spend all your money, time and thoughts.

But no one will say that I have a lot of money. I do not advertise this, I am used to living modestly, accustomed to asceticism, I understand that this is beneficial. My capital is growing, and there are no meaningless things in my life. As well as people. I am on my own.

When no one and nothing bothers you, in order to start acting, you need to make sure that your head is not empty.

You will be distracted by insignificant problems, people, affairs, worries, something will always distract you. ALWAYS. SOMETHING. YOU. WILL BE. TO DISTRACT.

And you will be distracted. And you will never take action. Your actions will be limited. Go to the shop. To work. To the bar. Set the table. Clear the table. You can forget about success.

Therefore, you need to make sure that no one and nothing prevents you from acting. Give up everything, give up your yesterday’s life now, when you finish reading this – become an ascetic.

And start thinking about what needs to be done. Remind you that you are many years old. That many years you’ve wasted, that every day matters. And think, think, think about it.

Hang slogans everywhere, put a cross on your hand, a reminder on your phone.

The brain will force you to act if you command the brain to think, and nothing and no one will bother you! Act, damn you!

And now the lyrics.

You have read these lines, and an inner squeaky voice from the darkness of the basements of your humble soul nods its head, agreeing with me. Everything is logical and beautifully written.

And then you go to a meaningless person, like a robot, out of habit – and all over again! Plunge into this shit. And then you think about your things that are cluttering your life. It’s all so important …

You just wasted a day.

Then seven days of meaningless life will pass, and nothing will change for you.

Then seven years will pass, and you are all marking time in one place. They just aged a little, overgrown with meaningless people and a bunch of unnecessary goods.

But someone out of several thousand eyes that read this book will begin to act. Apply the advice from this book and get it done. And you? What are you waiting for?


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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