Personal Injury Law: Oil and Gas Accidents

It is no surprise that Personal Injury Law can sometimes be a complex topic. It covers many types of scenarios that can cause personal injury to anyone involved. After all, personal injury law seeks to protect civilians from unlawful practices and unwanted situations.

In this article, we will tackle what Personal Injury Law can do when an Oil and Gas Accident occurs. This is also for people that receive personal injuries while working in the Oil and Gas industry.

We will first show you how oil and gas accidents occur. Later on, we will give you some examples of personal injuries common with oil and gas accidents.

How Oil and Gas Accidents Cause Injuries.

The oil and gas industry continues to supply us with the liquid that is crucial for the operation of other industries. This is typical among many corporations and business entities worldwide. The high demand for oil and gas requires us to build gargantuan constructs either in the middle of the sea, natural gas reserves on land, or other exotic locations.

However isolated these sites are, incidents and accidents can still occur to workers, civilians, and even bystanders. Suppose you experience an unwanted injury, we recommend calling upon a Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer during or after your recovery period. It is better to seek the aid of a professional lawyer that will help give you options after enduring a personal injury related to oil and gas accidents.

The oil and gas industry is also popularly known as the energy industry. This is an industry where accidents can occur in a variety of ways. When these types of accidents happen, the injuries endured by the workers are often substantial. The situation for the victims can also become more complicated if the area they are working on is far from civilization.

A good example is workers in an oil rig. Let us take a popular movie as an example that is titled Deepwater Horizon. In the year 2010, in April, a drilling rig called Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. A massive fireball damages a large percentage of the oil rig immediately killing several of its crew members.

Although improved safety measures and lessons are learned after the accident, these types of situations might still befall our brave workers. Workers in the energy industry are always exposed to dangerous circumstances.

A Personal Injury attorney will help find the reasons behind these accidents that can cause harm to many people. Their job is to hold other people and corporations accountable in case they are discovered to be at fault.

Oil and Gas Industry Accidents

In this section, we will discuss the most common oil and gas industry accidents and personal injury cases. This way, people who might be looking for a reference can use this article as a brief guide. Workers working for the oil and gas industry can get hurt in many ways.

Falls from Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs are large structures typically operating in the middle of the ocean. Its task is to use a large drilling rig to harvest oil and other types of resources from the deep ocean bed. An oil rig is naturally designed to withstand the waves and currents of the ocean. As a result, its structure stands several meters above the sea line. Workers falling from different levels of an oil rig can occur.

Falling Objects or Dangerous Equipment.

Similar to construction sites, areas operated by entities working for the Oil and Gas industry require the need for heavy equipment. This is why oil and gas industry workers are required to wear special suits and accessories that can help protect them from these hazards. Some common examples are the hard hat, gloves, specialized boots, harnesses, and safety vests.

Defective Equipment

The equipment and tools used in the oil and gas industry are applied in different manners. Each one of them serves different purposes. That is why they should be maintained on a schedule. If a piece of heavy equipment or special tool becomes defective, it can cause harm and injuries to their operators.

Vehicular Accidents

There is no doubt that the oil and gas industry requires the proper implementation of logistics. This involves the operation of a variety of vehicles ranging from motorbikes, cars, trucks, choppers, and even airplanes. Traveling with different types of vehicles exposes workers and civilians to the possibility of vehicular accidents.


The oil and gas industry requires massive manpower to continue giving us gas and natural resources. Workers of the oil and gas industry are often exposed to dangerous situations in whatever part of the world they are working on. This is why we suggest people who experience personal injuries contact lawyers that specialize in it.

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