Personal growth and trainings of personal growth – teaching methods.

Personal growth and personal growth trainings – does everyone need to undergo training with such teaching methods?

Sooner or later, a person engaged in self-development is faced with a number of questions to which he can no longer find an answer on his own. Can we say that He is undergoing personal growth – YES.

But the answers to important questions by themselves do not appear. And then personal growth training comes to the rescue.

Personal growth training is a certain key to solving problems for the most part related to self-distrust and attempt, or the desire to shift responsibility for one’s own life to others (relatives, colleagues, acquaintances …)

But here it is worth to stay honest and admit:


The key phrase is TOOLS that will ensure PERSONAL GROWTH and SELF-DEVELOPMENT.

Trainings of personal growth provide a number of key changes through the use of teaching methods including NLP, psychodrama, gestalt, and participants in the training of personal growth, in the process of passing, are constantly on the “emotional swing”.

The swinging of the “swing” occurs due to the implementation by the training participants of a series of exercises, the meaning of which is sometimes not obvious – it is they who lead to some loss of self-control during the training, and they provide the start of personal growth.

Methods of training and the scheme of training personal growth:


Professional trainers using similar methods of training and influencing the psyche of participants in personal growth training pursue good goals by loosening and breaking individual psychological defenses that inhibit personal growth. Unfortunately, we must admit the fact that in the hands of the “semi-Gurks” – (citizens who have proclaimed themselves to be coaches) and outright scammers – the same training methods present a SERIOUS DANGER.

By the way, training for personal growth is in any case dangerous and definitely contraindicated:

  • Children and adolescents;
  • People with any form of emotional instability;
  • People with a low threshold for stress tolerance;
  • Persons suffering from mental or somatic disorders; (especially if they occur in hidden form.)

In such cases, psychological defenses are designed to KEEP the stability of the psyche of a possible patient or child. Any loosening or severe impact on such a participant can lead to irreversible consequences.

Translating from Russian into Russian – this means that the desire of a particular person “to undergo personal growth training” is not enough – a mandatory task of a professional trainer providing personal growth of a participant is to assess possible risks associated with upcoming psychological stress, “screening out” and selection of training participants .

An important condition for effective training is the presence of potential for self-development and the willingness of the participant to independently build his new life, since there is NO ONE who needs it just like you.

However, the real value of personal growth training is that no one tells anyone HOW TO DO . Each member of the CAM comes to a NEW feeling of himself and another vision of life and familiar events around.

In the process of performing exercises, discoveries occur, making and experiencing them, in the training mode, the participant receives NEW SKILLS and the opportunity to build his NEW life.

Personal growth training, with its ambiguous teaching methods, makes it possible to prioritize what is really important for you in life and start to stand your future that would not have come about on its own.


Personal growth training is a privilege for those who are ready to use their undisclosed creative, spiritual and life potential to achieve goals and realize events that would never have happened on their own


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