Perilla and Ribes Nigrum: safe and effective plants against allergy

Perilla and Ribes Nigrum: safe and effective plants against allergy

Perilla for the emergency and Ribes Nigrum for the prevention of allergies are an excellent natural remedy for
the explosion of spring brings with it for many of us annoying allergic reactions that we can prevent and control with two extraordinary plants: Perilla and Ribes Nigrum.

Seasonal allergies :  What triggers in our body when we have the typical allergic reaction to pollens?

Spores and pollen released from trees and plants, carried by the wind, come into contact with the conjunctival mucosa of the eyes, or inhaled through the nose or mouth. These are very small particles that can be exchanged by our immune system for “enemies”, thus triggering a series of chain reactions, up to the release of a molecule called histamine. Typical manifestations of allergy such as tearing, sneezing, rhinitis, or a sensation of itching on the palate are the effects of histamine release.

The same thing also happens in other types of allergies such as mites or hairs of some animals, such as cats, dogs, horses , or others. Even the fine dust that is released into the environment from car exhaust gas or from heating systems without adequate filtering systems causes allergic reactions. Whether it is therefore natural or man-made allergies, we can overcome these problems with excellent natural remedies.

Not just in the spring

‘ pollen allergy can be caused by different types of pollen and is not limited to the spring , although the explosion of nature and the trees blooms makes it more obvious. In summer, in fact, the thumbs of many herbaceous plants are released in the air, and also in autumn spores of mold and weeds.

The perilla frutescens, a natural antihistamine

It is a plant that belongs to the Labiate family , and grows spontaneously in China, Japan, and Korea where it is used as a food for the preparation of salads and sushi. There is scientific evidence that this plant is able to inhibit the release of histamine, without producing the side-effects of synthetic antihistamines such as drowsiness and poor ability to concentrate. For these characteristics it is also indicated for children over 3 years. Perilla Frutescens can be easily found in herbal medicine or in pharmacies in the form of oil in capsules. Although it can be used as an emergency remedy, to improve its effectiveness the ideal is to take one capsule a day for a period of at least a month.

Ribes nigrum, natural cortisone

It is black currant, a plant known for some centuries as a universal remedy, recent scientific studies have found a mechanism of action similar to cortisone. It belongs to the Saxifragaceae family and leaves, flowers and buds are used. The most common use for antiallergic purposes involves taking glycerine macerate in drops obtained from the maceration of fresh buds with water and glycerin. Gemmotherapy in fact exploits the anti-inflammatory properties of ribes nigrum above allmaking use of it in cases of allergic and chronic rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis. Once taken Ribes Nigrum behaves like a natural cortisone stimulating the adrenal glands. The resulting increase in blood cortisol activates an anti-inflammatory action, enhanced among other things by the presence of anthocyanins and flavonoids, and also an antiallergic, decongestant and bronchodilator action.

Also Ribes Nigrum has no side effects, while it is known that synthetic cortisone in many cases produces a series of side effects that are not negligible, such as greater fragility of bone, the appearance of localized adibe even at the level of the face, or a decrease in the immune system . Ribes nigrum performs its action more effectively if used for a long timeand normally it is advisable to use it for preventive purposes, taking it at the changes of the season, trying to anticipate the flowering and arrival of the pollen. We recommend taking 30/50 drops a day away from meals for a period of at least 2 months.

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