Perfect love does not exist! But, true love… Yes!

Do not seek perfection because you will never find it… It is only an illusion!

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never find a perfect love. On the other hand, you will find true love!

The one that is tangible, that you can touch and feel. This love will succeed in destroying the walls of protection that you have erected to protect your heart.

Indeed, because of the many disappointments in love that you have known, you have had to learn to put your heart and your soul under high protection.

Love will break down your barriers.

So, you built barriers and for a long time you didn’t let anyone near you.

You have made a conscious decision to keep your distance and to pay close attention to the people you bond with.

Besides, you didn’t open up too much. You never really let your true nature show.

Indeed, you hid who you really were, your dreams and your desires so as not to be disappointed or hurt again.

But, because of this protection, sometimes you felt lonely and misunderstood. Your relatives often asked you why you had become so cold and distant.

If you knew that deep down you had a warm soul and a heart of gold, you preferred to give a more raw image of stripping.

So, while you only wanted to be loved and love unconditionally, you were afraid of being vulnerable.

You didn’t want to go through the pain you had known again. And, you didn’t want to have to heal your shattered heart again.

You will know a love based on exchange.

Thanks to this true love, you will be able to share again the parts of your soul that you have hidden for so long.

Then the world will find out who you really are. So, no… You won’t find a perfect love.

But, you will discover something much more beautiful and real. Indeed, for the first time in your life, you will understand that it is okay to be who you are.

That is, a person who has found a healthy balance between hope and pain.

And, someone who doesn’t always know how to control their heart and impulses. Admittedly, sometimes you have a hard time slowing down the impulses of your heart but is it that bad?

Absolutely not ! Why ? Because this true love which you will find, will hug you as much as possible in its tender and strong arms.

The new romantic relationship you build will not demonize the way you chose to heal your wounds.

Nor the way you present yourself to the world. Your partner will accept you, in fact, as you are, with your qualities, your faults and your wounds.

This love will not be afraid of your painful past.

Certainly, you have suffered a lot and these pains have left still open and sensitive scars on your soul and your heart.

It is therefore inevitable that, from time to time, you fall back into a temporary depression.

Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to forget, to forgive or even to accept the harm that has been done.

So this thought gnaws at you and haunts you. But, this new love won’t let you fight alone.

He will dive into your darkest memories to help you heal your wounds and to restore your confidence in love.

This man will not only be present when you shine with beauty and perfection.

He won’t be there only in good times! Indeed, this new romantic relationship will allow you to have someone to rely on when you start to cringe.

A man who won’t get scared that you doubt or lose control of your emotions when you are overcome with negativity.

And, a partner who won’t run away once you remove your mask. He will love, in fact, your true personality.

Besides, he’ll be proud to see that you trust him enough to show him who you really are.

This real love will allow you to make a real connection.

This man will not be overwhelmed by the depth of your soul. On the contrary … He will be ready to dive head first!

This partner will sit by your side and ask you questions about your childhood, your parents, your education and your discomfort.

Indeed, he won’t hesitate to ask you how you felt when you felt like you couldn’t find your place.

This true love will know you by heart, as if you have known each other forever.

Like you’ve been carrying it somewhere inside you the whole time. Thus, you will have the feeling that your soul has always been waiting to create this special connection.

Sometimes, moreover, you will have the feeling that your heart was not complete before this person arrived in your life.

As if, henceforth, you were finally yourself! In fact, you will find a part of you in a human being.

And, that’s what makes this love so special. It is not perfect, but it is still exceptional.

This unique love will prove to you that there are still good people in this world.

Sometimes you will feel like this true love injects a little sweetness into your soul. As if a heat emanated from your whole body.

Thanks to him, you will learn a lot of things. And, he will fight for you and stay by your side despite all storms and obstacles.

This love will be like a reminder: there is hope! You can find your happiness through a man who is perfectly imperfect for you.

Indeed, some connections prefer distance to intensity. Others depth to superficiality.

Obviously, you won’t know everything about this man right away, but you will want to discover every aspect of his personality and his being.

This love will not be perfect, but it will be light. It won’t stop you from moving forward and maturing.

He will not be a burden on your shoulders and, thanks to him, you will be able to live like on a small cloud.

Finally, you understand that love is always meant to be sweet!

Whatever happens, love should always be tender. Thanks to him, you are supposed to understand that you deserve to be loved.

Thanks to him, you will discover that you have always been up to the task and that it is your exes who did not know how to see it.

This true love will show you A + B that you weren’t asking for too much and that sending your heart to war for another human was not crazy.

You have never been able to half love and there is nothing wrong with that! On the contrary, it’s all to your credit!

It is not your fault that you have met gamers and narcissists in your life who loved each other far more than they loved you.

This true love will prove to you that it is healthy to be the kind of person who loves completely, sincerely and unconditionally.

You will understand then that you were right to keep hope!

You were never ashamed of the desires of your heart and, today, you receive the laurels of your sincerity.

This true love will make up for all the times you’ve been forced to deny your instincts.

It will compensate for all the times you had to put yourself down to comfort someone or to impress a man who was not meant for you.

Indeed, you will finally understand that you have always been up to the task, that you deserve to be seen, understood and supported.

You will then realize that true love is receiving as much attention, effort, and gentleness as you offer.

And, for you, it’s going to be a completely unique and new experience.

Your partner will not judge you. With him, you will never be afraid to be yourself. And, you will let him discover every part of your being, without fear or restraint.

You will finally feel liberated, free… For once, you will not feel forced to hold back your emotions. You won’t hide them!

While for a long time you believed that you were the cause of your romantic failures, with true love you will understand that the problem did not come from you.

You got involved enough, you put in a lot more effort than was necessary and you were the only one making compromises and sacrifices.

You haven’t made mistakes in your past, you’ve just been too honest.

Despite your patience and tenacity, you haven’t been able to change the men you’ve dated. And, it is not worse.

Indeed, without these failures and pain, you would not be where you are now.

Your exes were way too focused on themselves. They only saw you as a trophy, someone they could brag about.

But behind the closed door lurked egocentric and selfish men who were not ready to love or to commit.

This love will prove to you that you have never been in excess. You’ve always been up to the task, it’s that simple …

Finally, you will know that the problem was not with you. You just picked the wrong partners.

These men did not correspond to you and did not have the same vision of love as you. They were far too immature and different.

But, now with true love, you finally discover who you are and what the word “to love” really means.


by Abdullah Sam
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