People will come and bring you down: you stay away

If there is one thing we should fight for, always and in any case in life, this is our happiness . Of course, it won’t always be easy because there will be hostile winds, walls and obstacles on the road, but above all there will be people ready to empty us and drain us of our vital energy, essential to allow us to achieve our goals.

Sometimes these people enter our life in a nonchalant way, insinuating themselves into our mind until they influence it in a negative way. They call them energetic, psychic or emotional vampires and their goal is to enter the road that separates us from happiness.

Mind you, what we call energetic vampires have nothing to do with the supernatural and frightening forces that belong to the protagonists of the horror films, even if they scare the same way.

We are all destined to meet these toxic and harmful people , who enter our life to steal lymph and vital energy, to drain all the forces that dwell within us. Some are not even aware of how much negativity they bring into the lives of others, simply because that pessimistic and destructive doing is the only one they know. Others seem to live absolutely for that , to threaten the health and well-being of others.

The world is full of toxic vampires, they live following harmful and cynical attitudes that inevitably pour out towards us or those of anyone they meet along the way.

We find toxic people at work, in romantic relationships and there is no shortage of them in the family. People who, by character or personal experience, assume harmful attitudes even people with whom they have a blood relationship. And in these cases, the only thing to do is get away and let these individuals go .

When for one reason or another, in fact, we find ourselves surrounded by attitudes that suffocate us, that sadden us or worse, obscure our smiles, perhaps we should take into consideration the fact that we are investing our time and energy with someone which is not good for us.

It is often hard to admit that we are dealing with energy vampires, especially when we are affectionately attached to them. However, to be truly happy in life, we must be able to cut the sack branches and surround ourselves only with positive and vital people who are able to feed the energy we have , and not to consume it.


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