How do people create businesses when they don’t have money?

The economic factor is especially important to start a business. For this reason, the lack of resources is a limit for entrepreneurship. However, the most precious asset that a person who wants to shape their idea can have is emotional: the vocation is the attitude through which creative minds find a solution where others see an obstacle. It is healthy to have a positive sense of ambition, but this concept must always be adapted to the temporal context, since the beginnings are not easy. What do people do to create businesses when they don’t have money?


Online Proposals

Currently, there are more options available to open doors that once were impossible. Online businesses also require some type of investment, but the cost is reduced so much that the person is likely to have a realistic savings plan until an initial amount is reached with which to implement that measure.


In relation to the previous point, there is the possibility of setting up an online store that, in that case, can be materialized through an innovative formula known as dropshipping . One of the reasons why you can consider this method as an inspiration is because it allows you to manage a point of sale without investing in stock, warehouse and transport. It is the provider who manages these sections.

Low cost franchises

The franchise model is also specially designed for entrepreneurs who want to run their own business. The low cost proposals, available in different market niches, offer you the advantages of being a franchisee, but with this financial benefit.




When a person believes infinitely in his idea, he imagines different alternatives until he finds the definitive solution that makes the way forward viable. In the absence of resources, a person can resort to the system of collective financing that has promoted projects that would otherwise have never seen the light. This is an example of how, when many people work as a team for a common goal in which they believe unconditionally, it is possible to influence luck so that things finally happen in time.

Support from family and friends

The environment of loved ones is a circle of vital reference and trust. When a person shares his illusions with his family, perhaps at some point there is also the situation of seeking collaboration in that circle to raise a certain amount of money to start a business.

Create business from home

There are ideas that can be adapted to the possibility of work at home. This alternative has the benefit of being able to do without renting or buying a commercial premises.


The rental of a professional space available for hours or days for the coworker can significantly reduce the costs of having an office in your name.


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