Why Do People Celebrate Halloween

Every year children and adults in some parts of the world celebrate Halloween in October 31. Even if the holiday generates an estimated clamor and a venerated happiness, there is much that many who celebrate the party may not know.

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Halloween goes through a significant transition between two seasons (autumn and winter) or, life and death. It is characterized by a unique dressing that is wide enough to include a wide range of historical personalities, spiritual beliefs such as ghosts, as well as the current popular culture. During the holiday there are lots of activities taking place including playing pranks, divination games, visiting haunted attractions and more.

The story of Halloween

The festival is thought to have originated from one of the ancient Celtic festivals that was famously known as Samhain. The Halloween holidays involved an event where people lit bonfires and wore costumes to chase away the wandering ghosts. However, during the time of Pope Gregory III, there was a slight change in the Catholic calendar. The pope added a date in the church calendar that would have recognized all the saints in the church. The date was chosen to be November 1 st each year, which coincidentally or by chance almost coincides with the Samhain celebrations then already in progress. However, a perfect and informed mash between the two different traditional and religious backgrounds gave rise to Halloween as we see it today.

Halloween in America

Today, Halloween is one of the most expensive holidays in much of the western world. The holiday has taken a turn since its inception in 1745. Culture has evolved to embrace a series of activities that include both commercial and fashion related events. For children in the United States it is an opportunity to dress in costume and visit homes to receive gifts, including candy and chocolate. Young people and other young adults take events of a higher standard by playing pranks on their neighbors and friends. In South America, the day is mostly known as the day of the dead, and involves praying for the dead souls and honoring whatever they represent.

Why is Halloween celebrated?

Halloween has evolved to cover a number of different activities while you are on the historic lane. The reason for his celebration was a theme constantly evolving since it started in the 18 th century. In the Celtic, the day marked a period between autumn and winter, where it was believed that the ghosts of the departed souls descended from the face of the earth, so people wore masks to avoid being seen at night. However, Christians believe it is a day to remember dead souls and pray for all saints, especially in Catholic religious beliefs, hence the name of Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve that implies the evening before “All Saints “, or Halloween as it is popularly known today.


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