What should I pay attention to when chasing girls? 7 things you must know when chasing girls

There is not so much love at first sight in the world. Many times you like a girl, she may not be interested in you, you need to work hard to pursue. So what do you need to pay attention to if you want to chase a girl you like? Let’s learn about 7 things you must know when chasing a girl.

1. You treat her as a goddess, then you can only be a licking dog

When chatting with girls, whether it is online chat or in person chat, don’t treat them as “gods” when you come up, then they will only treat you as a dog.

Only when you see the girls around you as ordinary people, will they respect you and treat you as a human being with an equal perspective.

Even if your window period is too long, don’t appear to “quench your thirst” as soon as you come up. At the beginning of chatting, the heavier the traces of your “fuck” are exposed, the more likely it is to arouse the resentment of girls, who feel that you are “not serious and uneasy”.

Even if you are tempted by this girl, you still have to talk as a normal friend at the beginning, don’t just say “she must” when you come up. First understand each other’s three views, then grasp the girls’ interests and hobbies, see where each other’s lives can overlap, and then create intersections, so that you can “break into her life” inadvertently.

The three views are not in harmony, and they are directly substituted.

She has a partner, or a crush, so she changes directly.

She doesn’t want to talk to you at all and just substitute.

Don’t believe anything “In order to prove my sincerity, I can wait for her to change her mind.”

Many times, other girls didn’t even want to make you a licking dog, but you can’t help but insist on becoming a dog.

2. A long time may not be in love, it is easier to get bored

No matter what day you are, there is an iron law in the relationship between the sexes: the longer two people know each other, the less likely they are to be together.

Don’t play secret love, let alone comfort yourself, “If you love someone, you must be kind to her silently.” So, isn’t it to hide your own counsel?

When the two parties reach the window, they should hold hands when they need to hold hands, and they can talk when they need to express their intentions. If you don’t take the initiative, the girl will naturally think, “Is it because he thinks too much, he doesn’t like me at all.”

After a long time, when people have already determined that “you are her male best friend”, then you confess, even if she once liked you, she will reject you innocently. “We are just good friends, I did not expect you I think about that.”

3. Don’t chase girls beyond grade

Here is a piece of advice: boys, it’s best to choose girls who have the same number of relationships or are slightly lower than you.

If you are an emotional novice, don’t think that you have read a few tricks for making girls, you can easily win an old fritters in love.

Those girls who have more emotional experiences than you can play as a gentle and intellectual heroine, but also can pretend to be a fresh and refined, flirting little princess.

If you don’t have the experience you should have, then they will deal with you, probably by turning you around, and in the end you will still enjoy it. The most frightening thing is that when she feels “you are not attractive”, she will throw you away mercilessly.

As a result, you are still obsessed with love, and people can easily let go of them and let themselves step into a new life.

If you are still a young man, don’t think you can conquer an eagle. You regard others as true love, but they regard you as “the prey of regulating life.”

Try to challenge some girls who have similar experience and experience.

4. Love will never live, but love will overflow

When you think of a girl as your own world, then the world you most easily lose is the whole world.

Remember one sentence: No one is worthy of your world, your world not only has love, but also life, ideals and self.

If you pursue a girl, you can treat her well, but don’t treat her too well. In the ambiguous period, one-third of the enthusiasm should be used to show good, and one-third of the enthusiasm should be used to love yourself and create attraction.

When you show good enthusiasm, you may not get the same feedback, but a girl’s favor and disapproval. Your love is deep, your forgetfulness, in the end it just touched yourself.

If you want to make yourself worthy of being loved, then please learn to love yourself first.

5. It’s fake to test you, and it’s true to want to play

Those girls who always think about “testing you” but who have been slow to establish a relationship with you are either stupid or bad.

Like “you lose weight to 130 pounds, I will be with you”, “when your monthly salary reaches 2w+, I will promise you”, “you can come to my city to accompany me, and I will be your girlfriend”, listen Just do not take it seriously.

Even if you pass the test, they will not easily agree to you, and there will be the next test waiting for you. Even if she is with you, the relationship is destined to be unequal. In the relationship, if you fail to meet her requirements, then she will break up to force you to achieve.

In short, she doesn’t like you, she just likes the feeling of being liked by others.

6. Girls who just broke up, don’t pursue it easily

Regardless of men and women, the most fearful thing is that the Virgin/Daddy’s heart is overwhelming. When I meet a poor person who just broke up, I want to take care of her and save her.

She is likely to resurrect, and she may also regard you as a substitute for the low tide. You do not have such high personal value and emotional intelligence, so don’t touch the “person who has just lost love.”

In many cases, her feedback to you may be very good, like how she likes you, but in fact, she just needs a person’s company, it happens that you show up, not necessarily you.

Unless this girl has an extremely cold attitude towards her ex, she has nothing to say, at this time you can take the advantage of it.

If she comes to you pitifully for comfort, then you just have to treat her as an ordinary friend to comfort you, and don’t think “you can eat this girl.”

Remember one sentence: If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. If she really likes you, why didn’t she choose you at the beginning?

7. The best attraction is to invest in yourself

The so-called investment itself is divided into two types: one is called short-term investment, and the other is called long-term investment.

Short-term investments include: figure, appearance, clothing, hobbies, temperament, etc.

Long-term investments include: career, studies, skills, social resource share (car room deposits), etc.

For short-term investment, it is suitable for campus love. As long as you can calm down and shape yourself, it is actually easy to get girls’ favor.

For long-term investment, it is suitable for social love and even marriage. The older a man is, the more he will find that his face, body, and even clothing are not so important.

These short-term investments are difficult to maintain and will continue to depreciate with age. What really attracts a girl for a long time is often one’s own wealth, career, knowledge, resource share, this kind of stable and lasting things.

Even if you are not good-looking and not handsome, but after you can make long-term investments and get some impressive results, you will naturally find that “you don’t have to work hard to attract girls. Find a similar Object, it’s not a matter of minutes.”

If you can buy a car, you can buy a car. If you can buy a house, you can take more girls to see it. This is more attractive than buying breakfast every day in twenty hours.


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