Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Side Quest Guide

We tell you how to complete all side missions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – companion quests and errands

In this Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous guide, we walk through three types of missions: Dresen and Crusade missions, Companion missions, and errands.



As part of this task, which is activated after the capture of the Gray Garrison, you need to get to the first demonic stronghold and destroy it using the army (switch between the squad and the army using the blue and red flags in the center at the top of the screen).


This Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous story quest will begin after you capture Dresen by killing the demons and Staunton Wayne inside the citadel. This assignment covers several objectives:

  • Form a staff council. Performed through the headquarters table. Open the orders section and select the “Rank growth” column. There will be an order, which is called – “Formation of the Staff Council.” Perhaps he will appear after you complete other orders related to the army, diplomacy and rear.
  • Free the region. You need to destroy all the nearest armies of demons on the map. Use your army.
  • Build the main stables in Dresen. Performed through the headquarters table. Select Dresen in the headquarters table and click “Enter”. There you can build the objects you want.
  • Instruct the masters of the campaign to upgrade the relic. Performed through the headquarters table. Give the order to the masters in the “Relics” section. Any order related to an artifact seems to be fine.

If the task does not complete even though you have completed the project, wait. Continue to complete story quests, visit the headquarters more often and complete various orders. Sooner or later, the events will “hang” and everything will work. I have had this more than once.

Reflection of the assault

After a while you learn that the demon Balor Korramzadeh sent a huge army to Dresen. In general, many armies of demons move around the map. They periodically attack Dresen. This army will be level 7, and in fact, it is not so dangerous. Destroy it and the task will be completed.

Peak of storms

Sooner or later, an advisor will come to your citadel, who will tell you about the fortress of Korramzadeh, which you need to capture. You need to destroy the level 9 army located below Dresen (and slightly to the left). Landmark – to the right of the “Heart of the Riddle” or to the left of the location “Burned out hut”.


The quest is activated after returning from the Nexus. You need to capture all the demon outposts on the map. They are marked as stone pillars or columns. If you are interested, there are 19 such outposts in total, not counting Dresen itself.

Companion Quests

Night gamblers

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Anevia will ask for an audience and tell about everything. Exit to the world map, move next to Dresen, keeping track of the time at the top of the screen. You need to return to Dresen after 00:00 and head left. You can open the map and see the icon of Zosiel. He plays cards with the soldiers in the graveyard. Talk to him. There will be an opportunity to invite Zosiel to spend time alone. If you understand what this is about.

Friends are known in trouble, and not only

The quest will begin after you help Irabet repulse the attack on the city and wake up in the “Heart of the Defender”. Inside the tavern, next to the Irabeth table, stands Silla. Talk to her and ask where you can find her friend Yanna Aldori. She will say that before the attack, they were together in the Market Place of Kenabres. As soon as you get to the market square, which is needed according to the plot, find the blockage and build a bridge from it. Cross to the other side, cross the ruins with the Athletics test and find a halfling on the bridge. Talk to him, after which Aldori will appear – Siila’s friend, who needed to be found. Now that the time is ripe, return to the Heart of the Protector to mark the meeting. This will end this task, but if you agree to help, the quest “League of Inspirational Cart” starts.

League of Inspirational Cart

This quest will begin if at the end of the quest “Friends are known in trouble, and not only” you agree to help Siila’s friends by talking with them in the tavern of the Defender’s Heart. As soon as you deal with the demons in the Gray Garrison and complete the quest “The beginning of a long journey”, go to the global map and move to the nearest location – the parking lot of the Houndheart knights. After arriving at the place, get to the former camp of the knights, talk to Elan and Aldori, and then search the various boxes. When you search one of the chests (approximately in the center), the demon Quazir will appear. Chase him along the same location (just run in the direction he flew away) until a Curl appears, which will steal the ring and hide. Talk to Elan, return to the camp and chat with Siila. The task will be completed, and you will receive 600 experience points.


The task can be taken from Forn in the “Heart of the Defender” tavern. Chat with him and then head to the market square. There you will meet a wounded drow. Heal and decide fate. If, like us, you decide to spare her, then return to Forn and tell her everything. He will say that the cultist has twisted you around her finger. The task will not end, but you will be asked to wait for the intrigues from Kylessa.

After the liberation of the Gray Granison, you will notice a mysterious elf in the camp. Each time she will communicate with different characters – the merchant, the mercenary Haylor. Click on it each time to make it disappear. In the end, you can even talk to the elf Kylessa in the tent with Anevia (the main tent of the commander). You can attack or warn again for Forn. The assignment, again, will not be completed.

Continue playing the game. There will be a random meeting on the map, and you can tell Forn that you have released Kylessa again. Then another decisive meeting will take place. Kylessa will report that Forn is the killer. Believe it or not. In fact, Kylessa is telling the truth, but regardless of your decision, you will have to kill Forn and his followers. Also, you will not be able to convince Kylessa herself. Either kill her yourself, or refuse and commit suicide. It remains to return to the citadel, use the headquarters table and in the “Army” section choose what to do: write a letter about Kylesse, as requested by the late drow, or hide the truth about her, which Forn hinted at. Depending on the decision made, you will receive certain fighters for your army.

While the world is ablaze

This quest starts after you inspect the Crusade camp and speak with Queen Goldfrey. Exit outside to the crusader camp, go left and find Inquisitor Letra. Talk to him about Deiran. He will talk about his ancestral home, the Threshold of Heaven, where demons committed mass murder ten years ago. Letra wants to investigate what really happened that dark night. We need to get an invitation from Deiran. It’s simple – find him in the camp, just below Letra, and talk. Ask for the Threshold of Heaven and Deiran himself will invite you to visit. Eventually, you will be able to reach the Threshold of Heaven. Talk to Letr, and then distract Deiran by any means. It’s easy to do – everything is in the dialogues. At the end, ask the inquisitor to continue to find out the terrible secret of Deiran.

More than nothing

After visiting the market square, there will be a chance encounter with Nanio. Talk to the girl, follow the trail and see the cultists. Let her ask a few questions to the cultists. One of them will even lose faith in Baphomet. Then kill everyone and talk to the girl again. Invite her to join your squad. Return to the Protector’s Heart tavern and speak with Nanio. So you will learn about the Nameless Ruins, which you need to study.

As soon as you can get to the Nameless Ruins, go to the location with Nenio and go downstairs, destroying monsters along the way. On the way, there will be a cave on the right. Inside it there is a column with a picture, in which a large circle is highlighted in blue. Below you can find a passage with the same pattern and a blue small circle. And even lower – the same pattern and two of the four sides of the square in blue. This is the answer to the riddle that you discover on the way down. A large symbol is depicted on the ground, consisting of two circles and a square. You need to activate both circles in blue, as well as the left and bottom sides of the square, if you look at it so that the image is rotated in the correct way.

At the very bottom, you will find four statues and a mysterious voice from the void. To meet a stranger, you need to solve the riddles of the four statues and place certain objects at their feet. On the first visit, you will not be able to solve the riddles, so feel free to leave the location.

Nanio needs alcohol

This quest will begin during Chapter 4, in Dresen. Go to the inn in the lower right corner, go up to the second floor and find a room with Nanio. Agree to bring alcohol. The inn sells only wine, but it doesn’t fit. Wait to find a glass bottle of ale.

Back to the roots

This quest is activated after you return to Dresen during the course of this chapter. Lann will drop into the main hall of the citadel and tell about everything. Travel to Kenabres. An internal map of the fortress will open in front of you. There will be a location on Natholm. Visit her, get to the leader Sulla and listen. Let them know that you will deal with the Wenduag. Of course, this is provided that you left Lann in the team at all, and not the Wenduag. Fight the Venduag in a secret hideout (the transition point is in the same location), after which you can drive, kill, or take on a team! Lann won’t go anywhere in that case, so don’t worry. Report everything to Sulla. The task will be completed, and you will receive 1200 experience points.


Another task from Coal. Once upon your return to Dresen, you will see that she preaches to people. Support the girl to start this quest. A few days later, one of Ugolok’s novices will come to your citadel for a reception. He will tell you that she was kidnapped and held in the temple of Baphomet. Go to this location to the left and below from Dresen, kill the demons and talk to Coal. Decide what to do with the cultists. The task will end.


This is Zosiel’s personal quest, who will join you after the mission “The beginning of a long journey.” After getting out on the global map, move to the right to the graveyard. Talk to Zosiel and then destroy the undead. Exit through the door on the right and go downstairs. There will be an unfinished temple on the left. Go inside and deal with the necromancer. You can decide his fate. It is best not to force Zosiel to kill the necromancer, and then send him to prison and under further trial.

Noble impulse

At some point, Anevia will stop you on Dresen Street and tell you about the missing crusader. Agree to help. Move along the lower part of the citadel to the right, into an abandoned house. Go inside, go down to the basement and find Camellia. Talk to her and decide what to do. You can spare, let you drink blood or kill. You decide. And then you will have a talk at the exit with Anevia and convince that everything is in order. Or set it on Camellia.

Finnean’s awakening

This quest will start assuming you have picked up the Finnean Speaking Weapon. Sooner or later after the capture of Dresen, the servants of Baphomet will appear on the world map, who will demand weapons. Kill them. This will start the quest. Open your inventory by clicking on I and click on the “Finnean” button in the lower right corner of the screen. Talk to weapons to advance the story. Next, you need to wait a bit. Do other things. When you can get to the left side of the map, you will find the city of Iz there.

Stolen moon

To start this quest, you need to free the tiefling Wolf in the basement of the “Defender’s Heart” tavern. Read the description of the quest “Bail”. Go outside, leave the location and move across the global map to the Ploutifling hideout, located north of the Defender’s Heart. Go inside and talk to the leader of the Plutiflings, Sister Kerismei. Tell him you will know the name of the traitor. Return to the Heart of the Protector and speak with Irabeth regarding her informant.

Having done this, get out on the global map and follow to the left and up from the Heart of the Defender, to a new location – to the “Miracles and Antiquities” shop. Inside it, in the upper right corner, there will be a pile of rubbish and a golem head. Chat with her, tell her the password “Irori’s Hand” and interrogate. Ask questions about all tieflings, and then ask where his owner and the basement in the house are. Move the head of the golem, go down to the basement and interrogate the owner. Pass some kind of check (it turned out intimidation) or let Wolzhif interrogate him. Ask for all three tieflings. Return to the Ploutiflings’ hideout, start a conversation with Kerismey and select “Inspect suspects”. Read the description carefully. You are interested in a tiefling man with long, straight horns, red hair, and a green cloak. Melnur fits this description. Give his name. Finish the conversation with Kerismey, return to the Heart of the Protector and talk to Volzhif, who will be in the kitchen. The quest will end! From this point on, it will be possible to buy various items from plutiflings from Wolzhif. He will be like a merchant.

Until the death tear us apart

This quest will begin after Siila comes to your citadel. She wants to buy a new ring to replace the stolen one and seeks the advice of the commander. Go out into the streets of the citadel and visit the jewelry workshop, which is located next to the tavern and inn, on the right side. You can add 1000 gold to Siila. After that, go to Elan, and then leave the city and follow a little to the right, to the location “Wedding circle”. There must be Siila in the squad! You can have fun, and when you get bored, go to Arsinoe. Say that you want to spend the rest of the time together (wait for the ceremony) and confirm your desire. Then observe the ceremony. Then kill all the demons and quickly return to Dresen. This is where the quest ends.

Dreams on loan

At some point, Arushalai will come to the main hall of the Dresen citadel. This will begin her personal quest. Go to Dresen’s inn and talk to Arushalai. Visit your dream, after which you will need to find out about the dreams of other people. Look for Hilor on the second floor of the inn. The Storyteller, One-Eyed Devil and Arsinoe are located in the city itself and are marked on the map with purple markers. And Anevia and Irabet are located inside the citadel. Next, you will be asked to chat with a few more characters. They are all outside. The hardest thing to find Hilor … Enter the inn and go up to the second floor. He stands near the stairs. You may have to rotate the camera to see the character. When you have communicated with everyone, return to Arushalai, walk through her sleep and find the insatiable supreme shadow below. Listen, talk to Arushalai and the task will be completed.

Behind every step

Sooner or later, Regill (or his comrade) will come to you, who will tell you about the missing squad of Knights of the Underworld. Agree to help. Go from Dresen to the left, to the camp of the Knights of the Underworld. After reaching the outpost, go to the location. By the way, Regill must be in the squad. The demon in the fortress will deceive you. In any case, you will have to kill everyone, although in the end you will have some choice. Go outside and find out that Regill tested you. The task is completed.


Once, returning to the citadel, you will meet Anevia and Zosiel. They will talk about the impostor man. Listen and decide his fate. We put him in jail, and the result was this task. And it all began with the interrogation of the impostor sitting in the dungeons. You will find out for the Exterminator camp. Be sure to take Zosiel to the squad! On the spot, you will have to destroy a huge worm. The impostor deceived, so return to Dresen and talk to him again. Leave Dresen and visit the Lost Sanctuary. Talk to the deserters by the fire in the upper left corner of the map, decide their fate and chat with Zosiel. The quest is complete.

From dead hands

This quest from Regill can be taken after the story quest “Strike from Heaven” has been completed. Climbing to the top of the Lost Sanctuary, you will meet Regill. Then the task will appear. Talk to him at the camp about the Knight with Trever’s Shield.

Crescent Moon of the Abyss

After the events during the quest “Strike from Heaven”, Volzhif will escape. You will need to wait for the development of events. The quest itself will begin at the end of “Strike from Heaven”, as soon as you talk to Irabet. During the fourth chapter, “The Fifth Crusade”, a random event will occur, and you will see Wolzhif, whom the cultists mistake for an oracle. Play along with him. He will say that he is ready to kill Voethil, who is chasing him, in order to take away the Moon of the Abyss. Take him back to the squad, and then together go to the north of the map. Look for the location “Wasteland at the bend of the river” at the top. Make your way to the center of the location and defeat the demon, which will disappear later. Decide if you will keep Woljif in the squad. If so, you will have to return to Dresen and talk to him in private.

Arushalai in prison

Anevia will tell you that Arushalai ended up in prison (after the quest “Dreams on a loan”). Just talk to the girl in jail. The task will end. Arushalai will remain in prison.

Conversation with Camellia

The girl will want to talk to you at some point during her stay in Alushinirra. Find any portal (for example, there is an arch in the flesh market or inside the “Unlucky” tavern) and return to the Nexus. Tell Camellia that you agree to go to Ten Thousand Wishes with her.

Conversation with Arushalai

Return to the Nexus and speak with Arushalai. Agree to help to start a new follower quest, Crash of Dreams.

Crash of dreams

You need to go together to Dimalchion. Go to the Upper City and on its left side, look for the entrance to the enchanted mansion. Dimalchion is located here. Kill the guards and then Dimalchion himself. Go outside. Return to the Nexus, speak with Arushalai, and burn everything in her dream except for the shadow. Complete the conversation and quest.

Conversation with Lann

Return to the Nexus and speak with Lann. He will simply ask to go together to Savamelech.

Bad blood

This is a continuation of Lann’s story. The quest will start after you find yourself in the Upper City with Lanna in your ranks. Travel to the Upper City, go to the door at Vellexia’s estate and head up using the portal on the side. Go down the steps and look for the entrance to Savamelech’s mansion. Kill the Mongrels as well as the Wenduag. Still, her fate inevitably led to death, even though she was your companion.

What does your heart desire?

You need to chat with the owner of Ten Thousand Wishes. You already know how to get there. As soon as you advance on the quest “Grievances, for which revenge”, and kill the kidnappers, and then remove Civarro, leave the institution and return there to chat with the new mistress Geraxa. She will let you into the far wing. Search all the rooms, get to another Horgus and decide what to do. You can let Camellia kill him or spare him. Then return to the Nexus and speak with the girl. The quest is complete.

Prisoner of the Abyss

When during the quest “Tasting the bliss” you find yourself in captivity of the arena holders, find the Fierce in one of the cells and talk to him. It turns out that this is Zosiel’s brother. Return to the Nexus, take Zosiel into the squad, and re-visit the Bliss of Battle arena. Tell the arena master that Zosiel is ready to enter the arena with the Fierce. Start a conversation with Trever. I had a bug: when choosing any option, even a battle, the task hung: I could control Zosiel, but there was no way out of the location.

Conversation with Greybor

Return to the Nexus, go to the cave and chat with Greybor. Agree to help him. This will begin the quest “A Question of Reputation”.

Reputation issue

Villodus’ House of Unholy Knowledge Mansion is to be found in the Upper City. Go there. Rotate the camera to create bridges and make your way to the top of the location. The house you want will be there. Go to the door, go through the text quest check (choose different options and be sure to find the right one). You need to get to the scepter at the end. Then defeat Villodus. You will be offered to visit the assassins’ guild. Move to Medium City and head left of the elevator. Remember the building that goes up and down with a portal up? Let it be lowered, and you will find on the right the entrance to the Assassins Guild. Talk to the head, take gold (100,000), although 20% will have to be given to Greybor. And then tell him that he should make a deal with the demons or refuse it. We chose the second option, Greybor did not leave the squad. If you let Greybor make his own decisions, he will join the guild. However, he will still remain in the detachment. Return to the Nexus and speak to Greybor in the cave.

Conversation with Wolzhif

Sooner or later, Wolzhif will come to the conversation. Go back to the Nexus and chat with him.

Dark moon rising

On the main part of the Upper City (near the left screen) there is a marker with a transition to an abandoned mansion. Go inside, defeat Voethil and agree to see the memory with Volzhif. Kill the enemies, and then decide – to leave the demon inside Wolzhif or tell your companion that you need loyal friends, not deals with the unclean. The task will end immediately.


The quest will start at a place called Alushinirra. Ember will try to reason with the demons. Then just complete the plot tasks and be sure to take Coals to the squadron to meet with Nocticula. There the mission will end.

Final verdict

This quest will appear on Regill’s return from the Nexus. Travel to the Knights of the Underworld Outpost and chat with Regill and others. Try to protect yourself. If everything ends with success, you can accept the challenge to a duel from Regill or refuse. After that, decide whether to leave Regilla in the squad or abandon his company. The task will end.

One last breath

This quest will appear on Deidran’s return from the Nexus. Letr will come to you. Go to the “Outsider Trap” location. Watch the procession and then destroy the Outsider. Or you can agree to become a part of it. Then you will need to decide what to do with Deiran. If you want to keep it to yourself, attack Letra.

Last chance

After returning from the demon world, a random meeting with the leader Sull will occur on the map. Talk to him and take him to Dresen. Chat with Sull on the side of the main gate and agree to find the Mongrels. Go to the temple marked on the map. Do not let Lanna go alone, otherwise the demon will kill him. Walk together as a team and defeat the demon. After that, leave the location.

The Saints

After returning from the demon world, a random meeting with believers will occur on the map. This will be the task of Coal. Promise to help them in battle. Be sure to take the Ember to the squad and go down from Dresen, to the Sanctuary of Baphomet.

The price of loyalty

Greybor will come to the citadel, who will have a task for you. Leave Dresen and go to the right, to the location “Dry Crossroads”. It’s nearby. Please note that you only need to go there together with Greybor. Leave the rest of your companions in Dresen! Talk to demons. Then look at the four locations marked with a “magnifying glass”. And on the hill to the left of the mercenaries from Alushinirra there is a “hand” icon. When you do this, order the demons to hide in three places. Then the commander will appear. Chat with everyone, and then, together with Greybor, kill Horzala and Yozza. Next, you will need to meet with Greybor in Dresen’s tavern.

The weight of my blade

The quest is related to Siila. One day your allies will come to the fortress, along with Siila, who will have a request for the commander. If you have spared Yanna Aldori, then she will come running and ask to go with you. You can give her a chance. Travel to the Tombstone Rock at the bottom left of the map. Enter the building and head right. Kill all enemies including Jeweler Darek. It remains to return to Dresen and make sure that the victims are all right. In addition, Darek will have a note about the seasons. This is a clue to the colored stones puzzle in another part of the room. Click on the stones in the following order: blue, yellow, green, red (winter, autumn, spring, summer). Talk to Siila and Curl to complete the quest.

What are you dreaming about?

Arushalai will come to the citadel, who will have a task for you. Chat with Anevia in the citadel. I could not immediately go into the dream of Arushalai. She didn’t want to talk. If you have the same problem, just take up other quests. Watch visions and kill enemies. Arushalai is no longer a monster!

Last straw

Camellia will come to the citadel, who will have a task for you. Return to Kenabres and visit the mansion at Horgus Gwerm’s home again. Go to the second floor and look into the room of Horgus, but first you can say what you think about the relationship between Camellia and her father. Then Kameli decides to make sacrifices. You can order her to stop or attack – the result will be the same. Or you can choose a neutral phrase, and in this case Camellia will remain in the squad. In this case, you will have to kill several servants. And then Camellia confesses that she invented Mireya. And again you can kill her, drive her away or keep her with you, in the squad.


Dissected city

The quest will begin after you help Irabet repulse the attack on the city and wake up in the “Heart of the Defender”. Exit to the tavern and chat with Anevia. The conversation will start automatically.

Follow down from the Heart of the Protector to find yourself in the market square. Move left, killing enemies, until you find an entrance inside the house, crusaders and a girl named Ugolyok. Come closer, convince the crusaders, and then decide their fate. After that, talk to Coal, find out for tricks and offer to join the team. This is a new companion. Move deeper into the location until you find a blockage that can be cleared by athletics. Do this (in case of failure, you will simply lose time, but you can repeat it again), and then go to the other side. The order has been completed.

On bail

The quest will begin after you help Irabet repulse the attack on the city and wake up in the “Heart of the Defender”. Go down to the basement of the tavern and talk to the tiefling Wolf, sitting in the dungeon. He was locked up for theft. He promises to help if you can get him out of his cell. To do this, you need to talk to Irabet. Just chat, then go down to the basement and tell Wolzhif that you are taking him to your squad. The quest ends, he joins the group, and his story quest is also activated.

Not the best time for a feast

Travel down from the market square to find the Earl of Arenda’s party house. Inside it, in the great hall, there will be people, but they are being attacked by demons. Destroy everyone and then talk to Deiran Arenday. He will agree to join your squad. Accept Deiran. The order will be completed. Here, look for Aranka in the quest “Looking to the Stars”.

Notes for the Storyteller

The task is taken from the Storyteller after you save him in the quest “City on fire”. It is important to save and bring the character to the Heart of the Defender tavern! He could not find the necessary notes in the library, but the elder is sure that he will be able to find them in the Gray garrison. Search all premises during the assault on the Gray Garrison. One of them will contain a page. If my memory serves me, this is on the second floor, in the library (in this room the same cultists can set off an explosion, whom you can deceive in the Black Wing library and send here). The page is on the table. It will be possible to show it after a successful assault, when examining the camp for the task “The beginning of a long journey.”

Chasing the past

As soon as you hand over a page from the Library of the Gray Garrison to the Narrator, a new quest will begin. It is associated with finding all the remaining pages.

  1. You can find another note of the Storyteller at the location “The Tower of the Master”. There you will find yourself on the quest Greybor “Hunt for the Dragon”, at the very end. By the way, this is where the Storyteller is hiding, whom you have not seen since the attack on the Gray Garrison.
  2. Not far from Kennabres there is the “Essence of the Unknown” location. There will be a cave with a riddle on it. We described this moment in detail in the task “Secrets of the Universe”. So, after solving the riddle, you can pick up the loot from the cache. Among other things, there will be a note in Elvish.
  3. Location “Inconspicuous camp”. You will learn about the inconspicuous camp from the note that will lie on the stone at the location from the “chance encounter”. Visit this place and chat with Krinukh. In addition, there is another note in Elvish for the Storyteller lying beside him.
  4. Go inside the cave at the Riddle Heart location. Here you will find an ancient ghost. Look around and take a note for the Storyteller from the table.
  5. More notes can be found in one of the rooms in the Bone Lodge. At the top left, in a place that looks like a library.
  6. Completing the tasks “Spreading your wings”, you will find yourself on the location “Desolate shack” and fall into a trap. In Arilu’s laboratory, on the first floor, search all the side rooms (before moving to the old wing). One of them will have shelves and a page lying on the floor. Then go down to the old wing and in one of the rooms you will find an overturned wardrobe and a second page in elvish lying next to it.
  7. On the mission “Secret will be revealed” you will find yourself in the temple of the Good Hunt. Go inside and after meeting with Zanedra, search the room on the right. There is a note in Elvish lying there.
  8. Look for the next note in the depths of the caves upon arrival on the Nexus, a little further than the wounded succubus.
  9. Next, you need to go to the Sacred Lands location in the upper left corner of the map and open one of the chests at the beginning of the guard’s trial.

Rebuilding a Shattered Gold Buckle

The task is taken from the Storyteller after you save him in the quest “City on fire”. It is important to save and bring the character to the Heart of the Defender tavern! In addition, you must have a fragment of the sacred symbol with you. I had it, and I found it somewhere in the market square … To restore the artifact, the Storyteller asks to get 5 bottles of magic essence for him. One essence can be found in Estrod Tower, another in the Guerm Mansion. The next one can be found in the Gray Garrison, on the second floor, during the assault on the “City on Fire” quest (possibly later). You are interested in one of the rooms on the second floor, with a hole in the floor. You will meet again with the Storyteller in Dresen after you deal with the quest “Dragon Hunt”. The storyteller will be inside the master’s tower where the dragon is hiding. And then he will return to Dresen (look for the purple marker on the map). Give him the items to restore the buckle. It can be hung on a belt to receive various bonuses.

Sheath Irabet

When heading to assault the Gray Garrison, visit the Market Square Basement. This will happen automatically. If you saved the Storyteller and convinced the knights (who were not burned) to help you, then they will enchant you and give you an hour and a half acceleration. Do not rush to leave the basement, but go to the left along the corridor, into the back room with a hatch in the floor. You can interact with this stash and inside you will find Irabet’s scabbard. This is how this order is activated. As soon as the task “The beginning of a long journey” is completed, after talking with Queen Goldfrey, go to the camp and find Commander Irabeth next to the tent. Talk to the warrior to give her the scabbard and complete the quest. You will receive 230 experience points.

Queen of incognito

After the quest “The beginning of a long journey”, return to the camp. A Messenger will run up to you, who will inform you that the queen disguised as an ordinary soldier has arrived at the camp and is ready to participate in the Fifth Crusade. Walk to the left of the commander’s tent, if you are facing it, and find Queen Goldfrey. Chat with her on various topics. The assignment will end, and you will receive 600 experience points.

In the shadow of a maddened forest

Go to the upper left quarter of the “Winter Sun” location. Here you will find the entrance to an insane forest covered in fog. A huge distorted bear will appear at the entrance. This will begin the mission. Make your way through the forest, killing enemies, and find the entrance to the cave. In the depths of the cave will be the old dwarf woman Soana. Talk to her. Don’t kill yet. Go outside and fight Orso the bear. Spare the beast, return to Soana and choose what to do with her. We killed Soana and the quest ended immediately.

Restoration of an antique ring

Need 4 Vials of Magic Essence and 2 Cold Iron Ingots. Just search different locations.

Rebuild Broken Plate Gauntlets

You need 4 cold iron ingots and 2 vials of demon blood. Just search different locations.

Grave druid

At the entrance to the cave of the Winter Sun location, where you will find Kiara’s apprentice named Morweg (quest “Retribution of Sarkoris), there is a plate with a skeleton. Take the whip from the skeleton, as a result a ghost will appear. All you have to do is talk to him.

Looking for forgiveness

Just meet the woman at the One-Eyed Devil Inn and talk about all of the topics. The assignment will end, and you can promise to find her son. You can talk to Lann about your mother.

Minago’s despair

In Alushinirra, you will meet a demon who will tell you about Minago’s despair. The hideout is located at the beginning of the location. Open the map and look for a transition marker. Defeat Minago and her assistants, and then decide what to do with her – attack or release. The order will end.

Dawn Flower Kiss

When you find yourself in the prison of inevitability, in one of the cells you will find a luminous object. Absorb his power, and then chat with the ghost of Kessil. She asks to find a certain blade of the Flower of Dawn. When Aponavicus is destroyed, it will drop the Flower of Dawn Blade. Show it to Kessil and decide what to do. The weapon will get you in any case.

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