If you are committed to natural health and organic food, you probably already know or have heard of the Sakai Spike Biological brand . If not, today we will discover one of the most important brands in organic food.

Biological Spike a brand committed to eco food

Espiga Biológica is the organic food brand of Sakai Laboratories. Sakai is a family company with an eminent international vocation founded in 1978 in Barcelona.

The name of the company comes from the Japanese last name of one of the founding partners, an expert in natural Zen therapies and macrobiotic feeding and which he introduced in our country through Sakai. In fact, during the 80’s Sakai was a pioneer in offering us for the first time a whole range of products such as ginseng, guarana, quinoa, yerba mate, cat’s claw and many more.

In the decade of the 90 ′ began the commercialization of products with biological certification through two lines: Espiga Biológica and Natracare. The first dedicated to organic food and the second to intimate hygiene. Both sharing the same philosophy linked to health and natural awareness.

Pate and Italian Sauces Organic Spike

Sakai’s Biological Spike product range ranges from crackers and eco frollini, to organic tartlets and minicakes, to the rich Solofruta products and, of course, the organic Italian pate and sauces, the protagonists of our article today.

May of Soy

Mayo de Soy is a 100% vegetable and organic soy-based mayonnaise sauce that does not contain eggs. It is a creamy and smooth sauce, ideal to give a veggie touch to your dishes. It is perfect to accompany cold dishes of vegetables, salads, tofu or to prepare 100% vegan snacks.

Eggplant Sauce

The Organic Spike Eggplant Sauce is a traditional Sicilian sauce flavored with a touch of garlic made with 100% eggplants: As tradition marks, in a tomato base cooked at low temperature the eggplants are added following the authentic Italian recipe and aromatize with garlic and herbs.

Eggplant Sauce is perfect for all types of pasta and as a base for pizzas and foccacias. In addition, it can be used as an accompaniment to meat and fish.

Vegetable Pesto

A Genoese vegetable pesto with basil and pine nuts that perfectly combines Mediterranean flavors. A traditional Italian recipe based on basil, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil that evokes the flavors and aromas of Mediterranean cuisine. Ideal for mixing with freshly drained pasta, for dressing salads and for flavoring vegetable or fish dishes.

Pate Olivas Negras

Biological Spike has a wide range of eco pate. We start with the Pate Olivas Negras, the perfect combination of black olives, olive oil and a touch of laurel. Perfect to spread crackers or toast, combined with tomato, hard boiled egg or fresh cheeses.

Pate Olives Verdes

Another of the most popular eco-pate of Espiga Biológica is the Green Olives Paté, delicious for seasoning vegetables, legumes, salads, pasta and giving a Mediterranean touch to fish dishes.

Pate Asparagus

Although if you are looking for an eco pate with an original flavor, you have to try the Asparagus Pate. With a very fine and creamy consistency in which it emphasizes its intense and sophisticated flavor. Perfect to give a touch of flavor to risottos and pasta.

There are still many other products of the Biological Spike to talk about, such as Artichoke Pate, Mushroom Sauce, Eggplant Paté, Vegetable Sauce, etc. To know them you just have to enter the Sakai page and try them.


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