Parts of a wooden door

door is an opening in the wall, through which access to the interior of a home is possible. It is a piece that, when attached to hinges, allows the turn to obstruct or close the passage through it.


There are different types of doors, such as glass, aluminum, plastic and wooden doors. This element, in addition to allowing entry into a house, at the same time offers security, isolates noise and temperature, and provides privacy.

The wooden door is made up of different architectural elements, such as the jambs, the eardrum, the lindel, the sill, the threshold, among others. Also a door is made up of various mechanical elements, such as the hinge, the latch, the snail, the knob, among others. Currently, these doors are not only an element that allows access, but are used as decoration, due to the fact that there is a great variety of sizes, colors and designs.


  • 1The parts of the wooden door
    • 1Latch
    • 2Hinge
    • 3Latch
    • 4Knocker
    • 5Peephole
    • 6Lock
    • 7Handle
    • 8Keyhole
    • 9Light bulb
    • 10Conviction
    • 11Knob

 The parts of the wooden door


The latch is also known as a latch or latch. It is the part that allows the door to be locked either from the outside or the inside of the door.


The hinge is the mechanism that allows the door to rotate, that is, its mobility. This makes it easy for the door to open or close.

It is made up of two metal pieces that are articulated on the same axis, and that are fixed on two independent surfaces, which make it possible to rotate the two wings. These can be made of stainless steel or brass and iron.



The latch is also known as a slip. It is a piece of metal that is located on the inside of the door to join the two handles or handles of the door.


It is also called a latch. It is a fitting used to knock on the door when a person comes to visit. When this piece is hit, a loud sound is heard inside the home. It is usually installed on the outside and top of the doors.


The peephole is the part where people inside the house can look outside before opening the door to find out who is knocking.


The lock is a metal appliance that is placed to ensure that the door can only be opened with a key. They are designed so that they can only be opened with a key digitally (with the use of a code) or electronically.


This is the part with which a person is able to open the door, which is located next to it. They are made of different materials, such as aluminum, brass, zamak and stainless steel. They are also made in various shapes, finishes, designs and sizes.


It is a fitting that has a round hole, through which it is possible to secure the door to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the house. It is usually manufactured in different sizes, finishes and shapes.

Light bulb

It is a piece of metal that is located inside the locks. Its use depends directly on the thickness of the door where it will be installed and is manufactured in different sizes.


It is also called a latch or crutch and cancels. This mechanism is placed on the so-called door face, that is, on the part that is towards the interior of the home. It is used to close the door while the owners are inside the house. It is usually made in a round or square shape. Its size and finish is varied.


This is an oval or sphere shaped piece, which is placed to open the door. It is regularly made of brass, stainless steel, zamak, among others.


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