Parts of the poster

poster is a text through which you get to spread a message during an advertising campaign in order to promote a product or service, or with the aim of inviting the public to participate or act on something.


Its main function is to inform through images and texts a certain topic, where it seeks to capture the attention of the public by playing with the elements or parts of the poster, such as the image, text, font size, colors, etc.

The posters can be formative, which is when the image is the one that stars and comes to reinforce a short text; and informative where the text is who will prevail over the image, which must be clear and at the same time short. In the same way, there are advertising posters, which seek to convince or persuade a certain public to use, buy or contract a certain product or service; and propaganda posters, which seek to dissuade and persuade the public on a specific topic or behavior.

The posters are used when announcing something, when you want to raise awareness of a topic you want to develop, when you finish a topic, and when you carry out a campaign.


  • 1Parts of the poster
    • 1Title
    • 2Description
    • 3Supplementary text
    • 4Slogan
    • 5Brand
    • 6Product data
    • 7Drawing or photography
    • 8Typeface
    • 9Colors
  • 2Characteristics that a poster must have

Parts of the poster


This must be very striking since it is what the product, service or activity that you want to promote will represent. It must have a color and a short phrase that attracts people’s attention.


It is in this part where the product, problem, activity or idea that you want to publish is described. This must be very clear, since it is through this part of the poster that the message is transmitted.

Supplementary text

This part provides additional information about the product or service.



It is a short phrase with which you can recognize the company or brand that represents the product or service being promoted. This must be clear, short, precise, original and expressive. The function of the poster is to reinforce the visual image without resorting to the repetition of the message.

This must share the same form and idea of ​​the image, in this way it will work in combination with the image thus creating a single unit.


Represents part of the identity of the company. This part is usually located at the bottom of the poster, either in the center or on one of the sides.

Product dates

In this part of the poster it is possible to show the specifications of the product or service that is being promoted, or it shows the information of the invitation that is being communicated through this advertisement.

Drawing or photography

This is the image or graphic that the posters usually contain, which can be a drawing or an illustration that allows the poster to optimize its purpose much better. This should have a scale of proportion depending on the structure of its content.

The image must be very attractive, it must be the appropriate size according to the format of the poster and it must have colors that capture the attention of the observer.

Photographs, drawings or a combination of both can be used as the image. You can also use one or you can contrast various images taking care not to reload the poster.


The typeface to be used must be very legible and at the same time it must identify the advertising.


All the colors used in a poster must be according to the product being promoted.

Characteristics that a poster must have

  • It must be understood at first sight.
  • To be flashy.
  • The sentences should be short and easy to memorize.
  • You must communicate a message of interest to the public.


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