Parts of the pants

The pant is a garment commonly called clothing. It is used by both men and women, boys and girls in their different sizes, shapes, colors and designs.


Unlike the skirt, the pants have three openings; two for both legs and one for the waist, the latter is where it is attached to the human body. The pants can be cotton, polyester, corduroy, denim, wool, alpaca, nylon, pongee, satin, silk, velvet, fleece, elastic fabric, rip stop, among others.

Its purpose is to make those who use these fabrics feel comfortable and comfortable, although some of them are made for clothes at certain times of the year.

In ancient times, pants were only for men, since religion and society considered that their use gave authority, so women were prohibited from wearing this garment. But, currently, this sense of authority has changed, and women can wear both skirts and pants. Although in the cities of the East, women have to wear skirts or dresses for cultural reasons.

The pants have various dimensions, they can be long, short, tube and mid-calf (capri pants). In addition, the multiple colors that exist can adorn them and be used for sports, work and parties, use that will be determined by the fabric and the design of the pants. This well-known accessory to dress, can be adorned with pockets, stones, flowers, dolls, among others.


  • 1Parts of the Pant
    • 1Pockets
    • 2Zip
    • 3Fly
    • 4Belt Loop or Belt
    • 5Ironing line
    • 6Bass or Boot
    • 7Knee Line
    • 8Button

Parts of the Pant


The pants can have pockets on both the front and back. This accessory allows people to store small objects, usually personal.

In the case of men, they use pockets to store their wallet or cash. Instead, women can save a rubber band or hair pin in an emergency, just like a lipstick or napkin.



Also called a zipper, zipper or simply zipper. This part of the pants is used to join the two parts of the pants that will make it fit at the waist. The zipper is also used in making other pieces such as dresses, blouses, jackets, coats, tennis, luggage such as metal, backpacks and wallets.

The zipper can be replaced by buttons on some clothing such as pants. In suitcases, the zipper is also used to enlarge or reduce some of its spaces.


The fly is the opening that produces the placement of the zipper in the pants. Also, this opening may be in some underpants. Some people think that the fly was designed to make it easier for men to urinate, without men having to completely remove their pants.

Belt Loop or Belt

This item of pants is used to attach a belt or strap as it is commonly called. In addition, it serves to hang the key chains of both the case and the car key.

Ironing line

Thin cloth pants are the ones with this part. Its name refers to how it should be placed when ironing, as this edge gives it elegance.

Low or Boot

This part is the final edge of the two crotches of the pants. Each of them has a small hem that gives it firmness, although with current fashions many pants are not made with this part.

Knee Line

The pants are not a confection of linear fabric, since each of its parts, such as the knee line, adjusts to this part of the body.

From the waist to the ankle, the pants are adjusted to the body, that’s why the amount of designs and shapes, which have contributed to people of all weights, ages and figures being able to wear this very peculiar, famous and comfortable garment.


The top button is the one that gives the final closure to the zipper and adjusts the waist.


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