Parts of the commercial

The advertisement is a visual, oral or written communication that is made with the intention of communicating and drawing attention to a product, event, offers and promotions.


The purpose of the ad is to sell, convince, and make people remember a specific brand.


  • 1Parts of the commercial
    • 1The Bullet
    • 2Image or photograph
    • 3Header
    • 4The Slogan
    • 5The body of the ad
    • 6The Logo
    • 7Action

Parts of the commercial

The Bullet

The bullet is a short phrase that serves as an introduction to the main idea. The bullet is used to emphasize the entire message of the advertisement. The phrase used in the bullet should be lively and catchy, as it is the one the client associates the ad with.

In the case of print advertising, the message should be colorful, short, precise and concise. Whereas, in the audio and television advertising, the advertisement must be accompanied by happy music. At other times, entrepreneurs and advertising companies resort to a peculiar phrase or from everyday life.

Image or photograph

The image gets the attention of more than 90% of the public. Faces are used in the commercial, as audiences are said to be more engaged and attracted. The image, like the bullet, must be complements, and one must reflect what the other says.

As in the printed advertisement the image is static it must go through an evaluation process before being published, while on television the photograph or main character must be charismatic, with good vocabulary and a pleasant face.


The header of the advertisement is one or two words, they cannot exceed seven. The fewer words an ad has, the better the message will get.


The header is another part of the banner advertisement responsible for attracting attention. The heading is called “Red Spotlight”, because, in addition to attracting the public, it is the phrase that from the first moment stays in the subconscious of people.

The slogan

The slogan is directly related to the brand, as it is a tool to remind the customer of the products and the company again. The slogan is the written part of the logo, that is, what the brand expresses in an image, the slogan represents it in brief words.

The body of the ad

The body of the advertisement is the message that the company offers to the customer explaining what is provided. In the case of offers, the percentage of discount to the customer is indicated, in this way people will not have to continue looking at the ad and immediately go to the commercial store that offers it.

The body is one in which advertisers make their abilities known. This part is in charge of making the customer fall in love with the brand, take an interest in its products and go to their store to buy. The content of the advertising body, like the other parts, must be clear, brief and direct.

All parts of the advertisement must be linked with the bullet, slogan, header and image. In the case of promotions, the body of the ad will contain less information, such as a marketing strategy for those interested to look for more details on their web pages and social networks.

The logotype

The logo is the part that will identify the company that publishes the ad. The logo is a form of visual identification and brand image. The logo is an indispensable resource for people to associate all the ads related to that brand, in addition to differentiating it from the competition. The logo must contain the colors and graphic line of the institution.



When the ad is almost done, a test is done. This is when the action comes in, that way in which customers react when they see the ad.


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