Parts of the ad

An announcement is the message that is created in order to cause a certain interest in people to buy a certain service or product, or to know of a fact, event or product.


It is an advertising strategy that a company prepares to publicize a certain product or service.


  • 1Parts of the commercial
    • 1Header
    • 2Subtitles
    • 3Benefits
    • 4Image
    • 5Logo
    • 6Slogan
    • 7Illustrations
    • 8Body
    • 9Action
    • 10Signatures

Parts of the commercial


This is the headline of the ad, which is located in the upper area of ​​an ad, or is usually shown right in the middle in order to attract the attention of those potential customers.

These are textual and brief, at the same time they are very direct which avoids tiring the readers. These should impact the reader and in a few words inform what they will know when they read the rest of the ad.

Types of holders

  • Holders who promise customer benefits.
  • Headlines that give practical advice.
  • Headlines that always announce new products or services.
  • Headlines that only target potential customers.
  • Headlines that arouse curiosity.


Part that goes just below the title, which is smaller and usually gives a much clearer view of the purpose of the ad, or the product being sold.


It is the part of the advertisement where the potential client is informed about the benefits that they will obtain with the use of the services or products that are being promoted. Here all the characteristics of the product or service are converted into benefits, where they are placed in bullets using very short and concise texts to create a greater effect on the person.



This part of the advertisement is not mandatory, as not all advertisements contain images, but its implementation may have a greater effect on customer decision making. With the use of an image of the product or service that you want to sell, you can influence the person much better to make the purchase.


It is part of the visual identity of the company. This should go somewhere in the ad that makes you stand out. Through this the company as such becomes more popular, therefore it must always be distinctive and powerful and to facilitate its visualization.


It is also part of the visual identity, being a textual version of the logo. This in a few words reveals the way in which a company or brand wants to be perceived by its customers. This always goes with the logo.


Part of the ad that helps create more interest while helping to better communicate the central message of the ad. These illustrations as well as the images must be consistent in relation to the message sent.


Not all ads have this part, only those that need certain explanations in order to sell the product or service being promoted. The body is the part of the ad that gets to give data about what is offered, which will help customers to understand much better about the benefits.

This part of the announcement must be direct, clear and brief. This must be consistent in relation to the owner. It must integrate the benefits and facts that may interest the client.


It is the part of the ad that wakes the person up and tells them to act as specified in the ad. This informs about the means or how to communicate with the company that sells the service or product.


Corresponds to the name of the store, company, the logo of the maca and the service or product.


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