Parts of Notebook ( Booklet)

The notebook is a large or small book used for making notes, writing, doing homework, or drawing. It is also known by other names, such as a notebook, a notepad, or a booklet. Despite the fact that many of the people use notebooks, they usually associate more with the students, who use them to take notes on the different subjects or also to do the jobs required by their teachers.

There are also agendas that are used by people who have many occupations or commitments and by entrepreneurs, as well as young students and children. Typically, artists make use of large notebooks, which have ample space for blank paper to capture their drawings. Similarly, lawyers, who use large notebooks that regularly carry lined paper and are used on desks and tables.

Instead, journalists often use notebooks that are small in size so that they are easy to carry around, and often use shorthand to document the experiments. In this case, the notes in these types of notebooks are gridded, which makes it easier to trace the information. There are others such as spiral ones, which are cheaper and also those that are have a thin line of perforation in the leaves so that they can be easily separated.


  • 1Types of printing in notebooks
    • 1Smooth notebook
    • 2Graph notebook
    • 3Ruled notebook
    • 4Lined notebook
    • 5Graph-millimeter notebook

Types of printing in notebooks


The notebooks are classified according to the type of printing on their sheets, which can be: smooth, millimeter, squared, ruled or lined. In these, the prints are adapted to write differently, taking into account the purpose for which they will be used.

Plain notebook

In this type, the sheets they have are white and smooth or have stripes that guide the writing. They are commonly used to draw pictures or take notes, without the need to follow lines.

Squared notebook

This type of grid tends to be 5 millimeters, but can also be found at 4, 6, or 8 millimeters. Choosing the size will depend on the age of the person who will use it, it is smaller for older children and larger for younger children.

The paper is usually 90 or 100 g / m2, and can be found in various cover models, such as: soft, hard, extra-hard, as well as different heats, and differences in sizes, prices, and brands.

Ruled notebook

The ruled notebooks have their sheets printed with lines that are horizontal and parallel to follow an order when writing. They are used by the smallest and have different types of pattern, for example: 3.5 mm wide pattern, 2.5 mm star pattern and Rayado Montessori. There are different sizes, prices and colors, as well as various types of tapas.

Within this type there is a special one that is used in learning to write, this is the pautaguia, a suitable tool for making it easier for children to learn to write in a straight line, and they also have a grid next to the stripes so that writing is easier for them.

Lined notebook

It is a type of notebook horizontally. They can be found in various sizes, prices, colors and caps.

Graph-millimeter notebook

The squares of this type of notebook are between 2 and 8 millimeters, its folio size has different measures. Usually, these smaller ones are used to do geometry or technical drawing exercises, while the larger ones are used for writing, because they cause less eye strain.


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