Parts of a gazette

gazette is a portal where information is issued covering different topics, whether of an administrative, commercial, or literary nature, among others. Currently, the gazette is used to disseminate or disclose information of general interest offered by the government or an organization.


The main function of the gazette is to inform readers of various topics that are being broadcast at the time, in addition to different topics and stories that affect the region where it is published or other general and international information. In the past, the gazette was published once a week, however, nowadays it can be published daily, every 15 days, or whenever an important official communication is manifested .

This magazine is currently not only published on paper, but can also be found on the internet, where you can see news , as well as articles and reports .


  • 1Parts of a gazette
    • 1Cover
    • 2Ear
    • 3Photo caption
    • 4Sections
    • 5Header
    • 6Body
    • 7Back cover

Parts of a gazette

Cover page

This is the first page and should be a selection of the best news from all sections.

The cover occupies the beginning of the gazette, that is, the front page, on this page the most important news is published, it must be information that engages since this will generate more interest in the reader who will immediately continue reading the gazette.

The cover goes hand in hand with the photo of the day that is the one that complements the main news and also from the window, where the news is summarized. The gazette indexes and finally the announcements are also located on this page .


They are advertising information that is placed on the first page of the gazette, generally located at the bottom of the front page, these are usually advertisements for products , services and offers.


Photo caption

The caption are small phrases that include the photographs of the news, their function is to describe these images.


These group the information under the same hierarchy or category, that is, the sections are in charge of dividing the gazette into different classifications. The coordination of the sections is of utmost importance since this avoids confusing the readers, and in this way it helps them to find the section that specifically interests them more easily, since not all people read the same thing.


The header constitutes the identification of the gazette, where the name, type logo, ideology of the gazette, number of copies, among other elements are found.


The body is made up of the sections of the gazette, it is the news block that constitutes it, it can be defined as the most important part. The sections that make up the body are:

  • Opinion : that articles are controversial topics such as politics and economics;
  • Editorial:  brief that is in charge of judging a news event;
  • Interviews : article based on one or more statements;
  • Sports : results of turners or other activities in the sports field;
  • Society : social events;
  • Economy : describes factors that are incurred in the economy or that affect this sector;
  • Shows : news regarding artists, film and television;
  • Supplements : lottery results, horoscopes and crossword puzzles, among others.

Back cover

It is located on the last page of the gazette, its function is to add information shown on the cover, the back cover includes components that are linked to the information in the gazette, that is, logo, location, website, telephone numbers, among others, as well as opinion and advertising.

Regarding the content shown, almost always on the back cover, entertainment information for the reader is grouped, whether romantic or advertising, this page next to the cover is one of the parts of the gazette that most readers are interested.


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