Parts of a film

The film is defined as a cinematographic work of art in which it is narrated in an auditory way, a fact or a story. The way in which the image is projected is through a sequence of photographs.


In its beginnings, what is currently known as silent cinema was projected without sound, however, years later, sound cinema was introduced, which constitutes a radical change and of great importance for the film industry.

From the technical definition, film is a word made up of photographic images that are captured with a camera and then reproduced through a cinematographic projector, an image replacement speed that exceeds 18 frames per second is used, in this way In the human eye the illusion of continuity is created without the need for each frame to be interrupted due to retinal persistence. Before ending the production of a movie, it is placed with a different soundtrack than the one that will be used at the end, this is known as the temp track.

With the advancement and improvement of technologies in the video format, digital and magnetic media are increasingly being used to record films, mostly in the case of those made for television, as well as short films, amateur filming and documentaries.

Taking into account the Internet, the YouTube video platform is currently the largest on which videos from around the world are stored, therefore, many users make their own movies and upload them to this network where there is a great variety of techniques, genres, quality and cinematographic tastes.


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    • 1Approach to the conflict
    • 2Outcome or End

Parts of the Film

Conflict approach

Conflict approach.

The approach to the conflict or action is the first thing that viewers perceive, because depending on the dramatization or approach, the quality or not of the film will be predetermined.


The action must contain a visual character that captures the audience with an emotionality both in the characters and in the environment and in conflict that will unfold in the film.

The conflict over which the film takes place will put him in one of its types, whether it be drama, documentary, horror, action, melodrama, science fiction, comics, western, musical, historical and adventure.

Generally a film is based on a script, where each of its parts are well defined down to the smallest detail. In the movies the characters are played by actors, although sometimes it is not necessary, for example, in animation movies. Movies can be played through a television, computer, movie theater, smartphone, tablet, or any device capable of playing audio and video.

Knot or Development.

Development is the most important part of the film, since it is where all the actions and conflicts of the film take place.

The knot or development ends in it climax, which is the part of the highest tension that leads directly to the end, where the solutions are presented.

During the development, all the dimensions or conflicts of the film unfold, in which the characters are introduced into the role they play.

Outcome or End

The outcome, end or resolution of the conflict is the part that marks the end of the story, a result that sometimes has a message. Also, in the end villains are taught a lesson, die, or are sent to prison.

The end of the movies can be closed or open. In closed rooms all problems are solved; while in the open conflicts remain to be resolved.


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