Parking disc: how and when to use it

You all know the parking disc , the paper clock to always keep in the car, but in this article we will find out how to use it and where to put it so as not to run into the penalties provided.

Parking disc: what it is

The parking disc is an accessory to always keep in the car, usually in white and blue in plasticized cardboard: the dimensions are generally about 10 × 12 cm, and it has a window from which to see the time to be indicated manually by turning a simple wheel.

The use of the parking disc is regulated by article 157 (stopping, stopping and parking vehicles) of the New Highway Code, which provides for it to be used by motorists to facilitate control and duration of car parking.

There are various models on the market, but the one to choose must still conform to the model prescribed by the Highway Code : how can you be sure? First of all, it is essential to have the word “arrival time”, as well as an indication of all hours of the day.

The classic parking disc can be purchased practically anywhere: tobacconists, autogrill, online, auto parts shops, supermarkets, insurance (often free of charge), etc. The prices are low (a few euros) and allow you to save yourself the penalty that you will discover by continuing to read.

Parking disc: how to use it

The parking disc is displayed by placing it on the dashboard after positioning the rotating paper clock on the correct time of arrival.

Always display it in a clearly visible and stable position, so as to facilitate the control and limitation of parking in car parks marked with vertical (sign) and / or horizontal (blue stripes) signs. Attention to the road sign in the shape of a blue rectangle with the P and a white arrow with black numbers, in fact it prescribes the obligation to display the parking disc on the dashboard.

Also remember to always read the specifications indicated: the signal in fact clarifies the allowed parking time and days. An example? The cross indicates that the obligation is also valid on holidays, with the specific time range below it.

Parking disc: sanctions

To avoid sanctions by the Local / Municipal Police, some rules must be respected:

  • mark the correct time of arrival
  • position the parking disc in the best possible way
  • do not return by car to change the time once the time has expired
  • do not use a non-approved parking disc
  • indicate an unclear time

The penalty for not showing the disc or for exceeding the time is 38 euros , and is also valid if it is not very visible or the time indicated is not precise.

Warning: vehicles serving people with disabilities follow a different legislation and are not obliged to respect the limits established in the limited-time parking areas.

Parking disc tricks

There are devices that are aesthetically similar to the parking disc, but they are automatic: equipped with a battery mechanism, they work like alarm clocks and are used to reset the desired time by extending the (fake) cover to the bitter end.

We remind you, however, their use is not absolutely legal and provides for possible criminal consequences; in addition, the penalty is up to 1,500 euros (with the possibility of imprisonment from 1 to 5 years) if the parking is in a paid area, and from 41 to 173 euros in non-tolled areas.

There is also the electronic parking disc : the latter is a perfectly legal device that is activated automatically and must be placed on the dashboard to guarantee the accuracy of the time. The price is around 100 euros and its accuracy is guaranteed by the international radio signal. While driving, it will also come in handy as a normal digital watch.

A tip: even if exposing the record is now often a practically automatic action, always pay attention to indicate the precise time with the arrow, so as to protect yourself as much as possible against any errors, be they yours, the auxiliaries or the brigade .


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