Paleodieta: What it is, Benefits and Contraindications

The Paleodietta or the Paleolithic diet, as it is also known, basically consists in the fact that the person should feed as closely as possible as they did in the Paleolithic era, more than 10 thousand years ago.

What is the Paleodieta?

As the main concept of this diet is to eat as our ancestors did , in this type of diet you should not consume any processed food such as sausages, canned, as well as dairy products, cereals, sugars and legumes.

What the paleodiet recommends in consuming white meats, red meats, seafood, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and nuts, all that is unprocessed, as naturally as possible.

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Benefits of the Paleodieta

  1. Increased satiety:fresh foods that are not processed retain their nutrients mostly and have less caloric density, so, together with nutrients and fiber, they generate a feeling of satiety preventing us from eating more.
  2. Calorie control: Byavoiding processed foods that are high in fat and calories, it helps us control body weight.
  3. Diseases:medical trials have shown the benefit of this diet in people with type 2 diabetes as it helps glycemic control, also in cases of metabolic syndrome or fatty liver.

Foods allowed in the Paleodieta

  1. White and red meat
    2. Fish and shellfish
    3. Fruits, tubers and vegetables
    4. Seeds and nuts
    5. Spices
    6. Healthy fats such as omegas

Prohibited Foods in the Paleodieta

  1. Starches
    2. Legumes
    3. Sugars
    4. Processed foods
    5. Dairy
    6. Cereals and grains
    7. Alcohol

Contraindications of the Paleodieta

Although no scientific evidence has been presented that indicates the risks of this diet, it is clear that supplementing some foods from our nutrition can affect its functioning.

On the other hand, excess consumption of certain foods can also increase the risk of some diseases, such as excess red meat increases cardiovascular risk .

The World Health Organization points out that diets rich in red meat could be a very important risk factor, as it is estimated to be the cause of 50,000 cancer deaths per year.

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