Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in freelancing

There is a strong desire for job security in Pakistan. If there is a risk of being fired, then the desire to hire employees is being worked out, or jobs are being added to meet staff shortages. Every job-paying company wants its employees to be low-paid and dependable, and unemployment is a key factor. Despite all these backgrounds, a sector free of all these worries and concerns in Pakistan’s economy is growing rapidly and is a sector of freelancing. In fact, freelancing is a new sector in Pakistan. According to data from the International Data Group, 40 Pakistanis are self-employed. These employees include temporary, fixed-term workers, under contract and part-time workers, as well as free agents and freelancers. They include those

com) released a list of countries under which freelancers are very high in Pakistan and India. This year, O-Desk, the largest freelancing website, declared Pakistan as the fifth country in the world of freelancing, with more than 2 million people working as freelancers. From the point of view of freelancing, there is no doubt that technology is changing the way we work. Robert Riech, a professor of public policy at Berkeley University of California, says that now it can be decided in a more systematic way as to who gets the job done and when to evaluate the quality of the work. Their eligibility criteria can be evaluated at an online preference rate. In addition, software related issues can be handled through exchange of deals, contracts, billing, payment and taxes. The Amazon website analyzes and operates under its own procedures Makes payments. Similarly, the company that makes and sells iMacs and iPhones, Apple employs only ten percent of the million directly.
key points

  • The technology of freelancers is growing fast. Estimates for domestic softwares have reached $ 850 million.
  • There are many opportunities in this area. If it is run in the right direction, one billion dollars can easily be reached in a few months.
  • Freelancers need places as a community to move forward, learn and interact, where they can work together on a shared level.

Nevertheless, most Pakistanis look for a real job on the basis of a stable and better future that will earn them a monthly salary. Most young people look for work in large freelancing companies. The Odesk website, now known as Upwork, has leveraged the freelancing trend among Pakistani programmers in the top 10 to 25 countries in the highest earning countries. Ranked An industry expert says Pakistani freelance programmers are making $ 850 million annually through the export of software. With a little effort, this amount could reach one billion in the next few months.

The Web has created new ways of leaving the traditional job search pattern. Where people can find the job they want in a traditional way. There are countless opportunities to work on the web. In a recent article in the New York Times, Bina Shah writes that freelance programmers in Pakistan’s information technology are making their way forward. There are now an estimated 15,000 IT companies in Pakistan, with close to ten thousand. IT graduates are joining the market every year. The O-Desk Website is the largest market in the world where buyers provide information about their project, they can get freelancers from all over the world. Customers and freelancers bid on every project so they can find the work they need from anywhere in the world. Khurram Siddiqui writes in an article in the Express Tribune that the O-Desk wrote in July 2013.

According to the Pioneer Lancer Survey in 2015, Pakistanis work 34 hours in five days a week, while the world averages 36 hours a day, 7.2 hours a day. Some of these freelancers work part-time while some work full-time. Kenya’s freelancers work the most 42.6 hours a week, followed by Egyptians who work 38.5 hours. While Tunisia and Morocco are the least paid online, it is probably because their professionals are already working in companies.

Some work in freelancing is getting the highest payouts, such as freelancers providing legal services $ 31 an hour, while sales and marketing professionals get $ 21 per hour, as well as $ 17 per hour for article writing. The vast majority of Pakistanis bid on IT and programming freelancing websites, while programmers usually earn $ 21 to $ 23 per hour in mobile, web, database, game programming, developer, question and answer testing. SEO is being paid $ 20 an hour in social media marketing. Interestingly, women in Pakistan are paying more online than men.

Why freelancing at the end?
Young people are generally interested in it for a variety of reasons. Freelancing gives you the freedom to choose your own time and the right environment to work with financially. No one is standing in your head to finish the related work. Upwork and Fiverr is providing them with a variety of skills, including building websites, building computer or mobile applications, trading activities on the Internet, creating various themes and virtual support. There are many opportunities for online work but lack of co-operation. People work on the skills they know and in this regard they have no external pressure.

Freelancers and co-founders of the new company in Patari, Humayun Haroon, say that freelancers have many reasons to work freelancing instead of working from 9am to 5pm in order to get paid well. Custom schedule included. The biggest reason is the excitement of working on technology. Iqbal Azim, a graduate of Full Time Free Lancer and FAST University, says that freelancers earn not only in poor countries but also in developed countries. This work is growing so you can sit it anywhere. In countries like Pakistan and India, freelancers have to compete with the rest of the world to get work and compensation.

Pakistan’s programmers, developers, designers and coders are appreciated worldwide due to their intelligent work, experience, skills, ethics, discipline restrictions. Saad Hamid, the top free lancer in Upwork, says that any work done on a computer in 2015 can be done online. There are many jobs in freelancing that are better paid and more expensive than others. He explained that most of the work is done on web designing all over the world including Pakistan. Next comes the graphic design and then the writing number.
Matt Cooper, Vice President of OSDC admits to the Express Tribune that projects made by Pakistani freelancers can be compared to projects made by any freelancing country in the world. Pakistan ranks fifth in freelancing as Pakistan continuously delivers quality projects from web design to blogs and artwork.

In 2014, according to the Odesk list, Pakistan was ranked fourth among the highest earning countries, while the United States and India occupied the first and second positions several years ago. Ever since unemployment has increased in the country, people with professional skills have been interested in a new freelancing career. According to a report, Pakistan earned 30% more in freelancing in 2014 than in 2013.
Despite all these fascinating reasons, freelancing is not an easy task. Although there is little supervision but it requires honesty and transparency. Although there is a misunderstanding that serious professionals are leaving freelancing, the real problem is that despite playing a significant role in the economy, freelancing is not considered a solid job in Pakistan.

Freelancing requires excellent skills, ethics and discipline. Some people believe that more money can be made. Ahmad Raza, who works at Tech Hub Connect and a full-time freelancer, says that freelancing is the way you can set up your new company and earn a good deal of money from your work. But to be a good freelancer, you need to be professional-minded, organized and honest. It may take you a few months to get through the initial tasks of freelancing, but believe that as you gain momentum, the good reward for your hard work begins to pay off. He also mentioned the challenges facing Pakistani freelancers such as the workplace, unaware of educated people, the support and expectations of those working in the industry.

Freelancers Hamid says that freelancers can do much better by building their own community. Free Lancers in Pakistan have formed a regular community to improve their work, where they receive support and advice. In addition, the community of freelancers knows each other and helps each other in time. Despite this, the free lancers are called the Tanhajungjo who sit and fight in closed rooms. This attitude certainly needs to change. In addition, I think freelancers should also think about promoting personal business with online work.

Mohammed Junaid Butt, a former North Bay Solution engineer and now a full-time freelancer, says that we need to develop the idea of ​​freelancers that they have to set up their own businesses and have so much talent. There are sources that they can implement their ideas. We need to create a system in which individuals individually create new companies and adopt them as careers. Many people who have done their career as a freelancer are now running their own business. Junaid Butt says freelancers can collaborate with each other to market their skills and expertise. Recently a colleague of mine created a group called Coffee Round Table Startup in Lahore. The aim is to provide young and experienced people with a suitable and supportive work environment in Pakistan.

“We first need to tell people how important freelancing and business are,” says Fahd Azim, a graduate and freelancer from PUCIT. This is something we need to teach in educational institutions. Universities should create entrepreneurs rather than just job-thinking people. In addition, we need to create a common space where freelancers can collaborate. This will provide awareness and opportunities to those working alone at home. Large IT organizations should support the freelancer community and give some of their work to these people as well. As a result, reliance on websites for free lancers will be eliminated. The government can also create its own portal that can serve as a bridge to the freelance community and industry. Fahad continues his talk by telling us about the freelancer in the IT industry

Despite all these challenges, the freelancers community in Pakistan is increasing day by day and they are contributing to the business system. Freelancers hope the IT industry will make a difference. Their services will be appreciated globally and locally as this is the time when we need to work togethe


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