Pain is not addressed with the mind but with the hands

Hands have always been one of the most authentic expressions of our way of being and one of the most refined tools of knowledge and relationship.
“Man thinks because he has hands,” Anaxagoras said. For example, let’s think about how much the child expands his knowledge of the world through his hands. We also reflect on how much contact creates a relationship with the people and objects that surround it.

The hands – to which an entire chapter is dedicated in the book “Being Care. A Gentle Revolution” – are the expression of our desire to manifest ourselves even as adults. They are the extraordinary tool with which we create and one of the main vehicles for relating to what surrounds us throughout our entire life. From living beings to objects, hands are one of our most intimate and profound communication channels. Often the language of the hands translates deeper thoughts than those we verbalize. Hands can reveal emotions, invite you to change distances and / or express closeness. often insurmountable with reasoning and words. And all this can also happen in silence. A silence capable of sealing the emotion of a gesture of the hands.

In this era, in which we are called to contain and limit physical contact, it is even more important to recognize the value of our hands and bring attention back to all that they represent. which, physical contact and body language, are essential elements in the healing process.In this article you will find an interesting reflection on a special gift of our hands: the ability to soothe and transform pain.A capacity that is within everyone of us and just waiting to be more consciously recognized, awakened and practiced.

When the tears come to release our emotions, we instinctively put our hands to our faces. As if wanting to create a treasure chest to keep our emotional treasure.

Hands are our divine tools. Thanks to them we make our ideas come true, we carry out our projects, we download our vital energy. Creativity finds its channel of expression in our hands. External extensions of what we have inside.

Elderly people know that they move their hands as much as their eyes. They never miss an opportunity to activate them. In sewing, in mending, in the mixture, in the restoration, in the earth, in the bricks. Not just a pastime or a job but a real contact with oneself .

By moving our hands we move our interiority. Although perhaps the moment we do it we don’t realize it.

All the activities related to this part of the body lead to a sort of meditation, concentration on the present moment, they relax and regenerate us. They experience slowness, patience, care and tenacity. And they connect us with ancient activities. They therefore also have the great power to get us out of our historical moment and to immediately catapult us into another time.

Thanks to the hands we can become the magicians of our interiority ! It is enough to know their powers and not denigrate them.

But if we are all familiar with these great benefits of manual labor, what often escapes us is its curative aspect . Meaning by the term cure  a caring and loving interest in our emotions that arise from ourselves precisely with the aim of being seen and welcomed and not turned away and rejected. Our hands are able to give attention to our interiority in a profound and authentic way. Only by moving them creatively.

We are no longer able to playfully move our hands. We move them mechanically, superficially, quickly. We don’t have fun with them anymore. And as a result we are no longer able to see and experience their great power.

It is sad a planet inhabited by young people whose fingers touch more cell phones than faces.
(Michelangelo From Pisa)

It is important that children, adults and the elderly regain the healthy use of their hands. To be able to make pain flow, to touch it, to manipulate it, to convey it towards creation. This is precisely the great task of the artist : to be the vehicle of his emotions and bring them into his art to give birth to a painting, a dress, a piece of furniture, bread. We are all artists if we can move our hands in a creative, fun and productive way.

– What is Heaven for you?
– To be able to shake hands with God.
(Cardinal Ersilio Tonini)

Every time we move our hands we create a connection with the divine that lives in us, it is a real handshake with our interiority, it is an appointment with ourselves, an encounter with our most authentic part.

Let’s not remain idle then. Let’s move them, to let all our emotions flow, including pain. Because what makes us feel bad is not the emotion itself but the attempt to block it, to push it away, not to let it flow …

“Grandma, how do you deal with pain?”
“With your hands, honey. If you do it with your mind the pain instead of softening, it hardens even more. “
“With your hands grandmother?”
“Yes. Our hands are the antennae of our soul. If you make them move by sewing, cooking, painting, playing, or sinking them into the earth, you are sending healing signals to the deepest part of you. And your soul clears up because  you are giving it attention. So he no longer needs to send you pain to get noticed. “
“Are hands really that important?”
“Yes, my child. Think of babies: they begin to know the world thanks to the touch of their little hands. If you look at the hands of old people they tell you about their life more than any other part of the body. Everything that is done by hand is said to be done with the heart. Because it really is: hands and heart are connected. Massage therapists know this well: when they touch another person’s body with their hands they create a deep connection. It is from this connection that healing comes. Think of lovers: when their hands touch each other they make love in the most sublime way. “
“My grandmother hands … how long have I not used them like this!”
“Move them my darling, start creating with them and everything inside you will move. The pain will not go away. But it will turn into the most beautiful masterpiece. And it won’t hurt anymore. Because you will be able to embroider its essence. 

by Abdullah Sam
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