What Theories in Semantic can teach you about Linguistics

Love to study universal Theories in Semantic

Theories in Semantic defines meaning in its own way.There are many good number of semantic Theories. Traditional approach: Linguistics and earlier scholars of language often had very clear ideas about the importance of meaning and the need for its study. There were, to begin with, numerous preconceptions and false ideas about the nature of meaning … Read more

Five benefits of Semantics In Linguistics

Five benefits of semantics in lingustics

The study of issue of meaning and its manifestation in language is normally referred to as Semantic In Linguistics. The term semantics as ‘relating to signification or meaning’/Broadly speaking, semantics is that aspect of ’ linguistics which deals with the relations between referents (names) and referents (things. that is, known as five  linguistic levels  and the … Read more

Facts About Systematic Functional Grammar

Systematic Functional GRAMMAR

Systematic Functional Grammar is a refined model of Halliday’s earlier model of grammar called scale and  Category grammar, in which he used a set of four categories unit, structure, class, and rhythm) and four scales rank,  exponence,  realization and delicacy. Subject, Object’ and ‘Complement’ are the category of structure. ‘Sentence’ and Clause are the (lie … Read more

Four Aims of Teaching English at School Level


According to Thompson and Write there are four specific aims of teaching English at the school level: To recognize spoken English To speak English To recognize written English To write English 1 To recognize spoken English: Its mean at school level, the students should have the capability to comprehend spoken English. They must understand the … Read more

What Linguistics can Teach you About Transformational Generative Grammar

What Linguistics can Teach you About Transformational-Generative Grammar?

The name Transformational Generative Grammar suggests that there are two aspects of the theory. The grammar it provides is both ‘trans-formational and generative. These two aspects are not logically dependent upon each other, though the theory gains Reliability from the interaction between the two. Hence it is necessary to understand these two terms. Transformational It … Read more