Who founded the church?

The church was founded by Jesus and the apostles. Jesus prepared everything for the foundation of the church, with his teachings on the Christian life and training the apostles to be leaders. The apostles spread Jesus’ teaching and gave structure to the church. Jesus is the true founder and leader of the church worldwide. The church is … Read more

Who was the Shunammite?

he Shunammite woman is an emblematic character of the Old Testament, but there is no record of her name in the Bible. She was mentioned only as an inhabitant of the city of Sunem. According to the Bible, she was a woman with land and good conditions. Despite not having his name highlighted in the Word, his actions … Read more

Who were the publicans in the Bible?

Publicans were tax collectors for the Roman empire. They were despised by the people because many were corrupt. Jesus was criticized for living with publicans. The publicans levied taxes on their countrymen to maintain the Roman empire. The taxes of the empire were heavy and the tax collectors often charged too much, getting rich at the expense … Read more

Who were the Nicolaitans

The Nicolaitans were the followers of a heresy that had infiltrated the early church. In the book of Revelation, Jesus condemned the practices of the Nicolaitans and warned his people not to follow their mistakes. The Bible does not explain who the Nicolaitans were, nor does it tell us what they believed. It just says that … Read more