How to recognize an abuser? How to live with an abuser? How to behave with an abuser? And how to identify an abusive man in a relationship? Our experts answer these questions in a series of articles dedicated to this, unfortunately, common problem. PSYCHOLOGICAL PORTRAIT OF AN ABUSER An abuser, who appears to the world … Read more

5 Psychological Attitudes That Kill Relationships

Try not to fall into these thinking traps, as they can create insurmountable barriers between you and your partner. How healthy and long-lasting a romantic relationship will be depends largely on the ideas that both partners initially have about it. If we are talking about realistic expectations, then disappointment and dissatisfaction are unlikely to arise, … Read more

3 Reasons Your Partner Might Be Keeping Secrets From You

Honesty and trust are key characteristics of a healthy relationship between people. However, sometimes someone in a couple has secrets. Why does this happen?True closeness between people means that they don’t hide anything from each other. However, about 40% of married people claim that their partner has at least one skeleton in the closet. Psychotherapist … Read more