ow you are destroying your life by taking sleeping pills

Sleep is a very important part of our lives. Many love to sleep, many are satisfied with a short period of deep sleep. There are many who can fall asleep in bed, someone takes time to sleep again. Normally a person should sleep for 3 to 5 hours. When your sleep is consistently low you may start to get sleep pills. But do you know the harmful side effects of this sleeping medicine?

As research shows, people in urban life are more addicted to sleeping drugs. That rate is 4.7 percent. And among the rural people, the rate is 20.9 percent. Another worry is that this trend is higher among young people. Addiction to the adolescent population is 27.2 percent, 9.7 percent at the SSC and HSC level, and 5.7 percent in the eighth grade.

Even among working people and non-working people, the rate of addiction to sleep medicine is not low. This trend is more prevalent in Dhaka, Gazipur and surrounding areas. Workers in different sectors are 9.5 percent, trader 25, 5 percent, unemployed and 23 percent 5 percent addicted to sleep.

You must consult a doctor if you need to take sleeping pills. But regularly taking sleeping pills daily can lead to many problems. As-


If you take sleeping pills at the wrong time, it can affect your body. If you do not get good sleep the night before, even after taking sleep medications, the effects can last until the next day. Or even after taking drugs many nights, it can have an effect until the next morning.


Sleep medicine works like a drug. Hallucination problems arise for sleeping pills The list of sleep drugs contains many common drugs that are harmful to our body.

Changes in usage

Many times, regular use of sleeping pills can make a difference in human behavior. There may be various signs of mood swings, irritable mood etc.


The body becomes accustomed to such drugs by taking regular sleeping medications, and after a period of time, the medicine ceases to function in the body. Then the dose is to be increased. If this goes on for long periods of time it can be really frightening to the body.

Worsens the limbs

If you take regular sleeping medications for a long time, it can make other body parts worse. The body can not get out of the body without interruption. As a result, it makes the body sick in the long run.


Eating addiction to regular sleep is an addiction to drugs. He doesn’t want to sleep without drugs. Therefore, it is not wise to take sleeping pills without a doctor’s prescription.


Excessive sleep deprivation can result in human death. Sleep medication stops blood vessels flowing from the heart and brain veins. Other times, taking excessive sleep medications can lead to paralysis. Many may even go into a coma and fear of loss of memory.


Sleep medications can, in some cases, aggravate the problem of mental disorders, rage, and depression.


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