Stress or stress has a special meaning that is, mental or emotional disorder or disorder caused by external factors such as, tension or fear of something.


What about financial stress? Financial is all matters relating to financial affairs. In other words, financial stress is a mental and emotional fear felt by someone because of financial fears that they have now and in the future. For example, afraid of not enough salary for money to eat for one month, fearing that the savings are not enough to buy something that is needed, and so forth.


How do you detect that you have financial stress?  

Maybe we often feel afraid of the finances we have now and sometimes that fear makes us restless and worried, to the point of not being able to sleep well. However, we still need to ensure whether we really are facing financial stress or not? To find out, we need to ask ourselves about how emotional we are with money.


So that we immediately get the answer, try to take a few moments and ask this sentence, “If I have more money, then I will _”. Try to complete the following sentence and look at the answers of Career Advice colleagues. The answers to the above sentences can vary, for example:

– “I will retire from my job, relax and take a vacation to Europe with my family”.

– “I will pay all my debts in the bank”.

– “I will build the best restaurant business in big cities”.

– “I will continue my PhD education abroad”.

– “I will build my dream home filled with beautiful gardens and a large swimming pool”.

– “I will invite my old boss to do business”.


From some of the answers above we can see that everyone will have different views about their goals, if you have more money. However, even though the responses we have may vary, we all have one thing in common, namely, strong and deep emotions towards finance.


A study conducted by Northwestern Mutual shows that 78% of Americans are very worried about their financial future. Ouch! If people in developed countries like the United States alone are very worried about their finances in the future, what about us in Indonesia?


The increase in prices of basic goods in Indonesia also creates fear or stress that is getting stronger against the financial situation that is owned by each Indonesian people. The high price of children’s education, the increase in fuel prices, the prices of onions and chilies are also rising, all of these conditions have led us to the idea that “having more money will make us feel more fulfilled and we can give people a sense of security. that we love, and dare to face the new life to come “.


The interesting thing, almost everyone in this world has a presupposition sentence as above. We will feel happy and happy if the nominal in our bank account is increased by the number 0 on the right.


As if, financial factors are the main factors to achieve happiness in the world. So, if everyone feels that way, does this indicate that we all have a tendency to stress about financial problems? Then the answer is “yes”, it’s just that the level of financial stress felt by each person can be different.


The key, if we are constantly worried about our financial condition, to the point that we are always defensive, lack of sleep, often dizzy head, pondering for too long, then we need to redefine our relationship with money.


Most likely, our emotional connection with money is the main cause of all the financial stress we feel.


Financial Stress comes from Our Emotional Relationship to Money

According to the wisdom journal website, there are many types of fears we feel about our financial condition. For example, we are not afraid of having addictions, we are afraid to become rich and forget ourselves, we are afraid of falling and facing failure, even we are afraid to face things that were never predicted before.


In addition, our emotional connection with money also has some general perceptions, for example:

– “I worry that eventually I will have to depend on the kindness of others for my daily needs”.

– “I feel guilty if I have more wealth than the people around me”.

– “I am worried and afraid that my children will not be able to achieve success”.

– “I am afraid if the business investment that I provide will not succeed”.

– “I feel not smart in managing finances”.


From all the general perceptions above, it can be clearly seen that our emotional connection with money is influenced by the things we learn and the experiences we feel gradually with money. Thus, all of these experiences and knowledge make us more careful, afraid or confident in managing finances.


The meaning of ‘money’ for each of us will be different and influenced by the emotional power we feel for money. Later, emotional strength will also shape our actions in financial management.


How to Overcome Financial Stress? 

Now we all know that everyone has a tendency to stress financially, that’s for sure. It’s just that the level of stress that we have might be different. After re-identifying our emotional connection with money, and we find ourselves always feeling intimidated by the financial situation they have, the main actor who needs to be automated is themselves. Well, here are some solutions that we can apply to overcome financial stress.

– If fellow readers are afraid that in old age they will not be able to enjoy life in peace, their fellow readers must save consistently and project the amount of savings needed in their old age, and make plans when their fellow readers will need the retirement savings.

– If your fellow readers are afraid of losing their current status or position, from now on your fellow readers must make a firm decision on what luxuries will be maintained and let the rest leave you.

– If fellow readers feel afraid that they cannot have sufficient retirement savings, then start saving from now on, and forget all the regrets that exist.

If we are afraid of not being able to pay all the debts that exist, from now on we must stop using credit cards and start paying in installments to pay off debts.

– If your fellow readers feel afraid you cannot pay for your children’s education, your fellow readers should start saving from now on and be active in looking at scholarship offers.

– If Career Advice colleagues are afraid of losing their current job and do not have enough money to meet their daily needs, then fellow readers need to reduce expenses, seek additional income, and start saving for the future.


In conclusion, all financial problems that make us stress MUST have a solution. The most important thing is how we see ‘money’ and how emotional we are with the money we have now. Mastering finance indicates that we have successfully dealt with a sense of financial stress, and taking concrete actions in managing finances properly is a way to have a better life without a sense of anxiety .

by Abdullah Sam
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