Ouya will arrive installed on Xiaomi MiTV and Xiaomi MiBox

Ouya is one of the most talked about Android game consoles. However, it is also one of the game consoles that has disappointed the most, due to the high expectations they had. Now, the Ouya video game platform will arrive installed on Xiaomi MiTV and Xiaomi MiBox .

For those who do not know these devices, the Xiaomi MiTV is nothing other than a television launched by the Chinese company. A 49-inch television with a resolution of nothing more and nothing less than 4K, and with a price of about 500 euros according to the current exchange rate. Yes, it is really cheap if we take into account how difficult it is today to get a 4K television for 1,000 euros. The Xiaomi MiBox is a kind of Apple TV, a multimedia box that connects to the television, and also has a 4K resolution, which is priced at about 100 euros according to the current exchange rate.

These two devices have Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and also with the Xiaomi interface. However, now they will also arrive with the Ouya video game platform installed. And it is that, apparently, the CEO of Ouyawould have confirmed that they have partnered with Xiaomi so that their platform is integrated into the company’s television devices. This means that anyone who buys a Xiaomi MiTV or a Xiaomi MiBox, can count on the Ouya platform, and therefore, it will be like having bought the game console. The objective of this is that developers not only develop applications for a video console but for a platform that can be integrated into televisions. Who knows if this is now Ouya’s true strategy, to become a video game platform that anyone can install on their Android SmartTV. Undoubtedly, it seems that it is the path that Sony and Microsoft could also follow with the PlayStation and Xbox of the future, so we will see what good it is for Ouya to get ahead of these giants.


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