Outriders – Devastator’s build turns you into a tank that still blows everything up

The Devastator is something like the Outriders tank. DLPrivateServer shows you a solo build with which you can take a lot, but also do a lot of damage.

What can the Devastator do in Outriders? The class can control gravity and has powerful abilities with which you can create earthquakes, reflect enemy spheres, or impale your opponents with pillars of earth. It can also float and launch powerful falling attacks from the air.

We show you a YouTuber Gaming_Wolf_ build, which is particularly suitable for solo players and according to him can even be played on Expeditions, the endgame of Outriders.

The build is based on epic equipment so you don’t have to rely on legendary items and you can build them quite easily.

Demolishing Construction – Skill Tree, Skills, Equipment

What kind of construction is that? Gaming_Wolf_ is based on the Conqueror subclass and spends all skill points in the upper branch of the skill tree. This is the most offensive subclass and grants huge weapon damage bonuses.

Skills are designed to focus enemies on one point and then destroy them in one go. The remaining opponents are riveted using weapons and damage upgrades.

Thanks to golem abilities, weapon and armor mods, you are still quite robust and can restore massive health points. Not only does this make the build offensively powerful, it is also quite difficult to kill at the same time.

This is how you distributed your profits. (via YouTube)

You need these benefits:

  • Chaos (x4)
    • Your weapon damage is increased by 8%.
  • Expert: Shotguns
    • Your shotgun’s damage is increased by 12%.
  • Armor Break (x3)
    • Your armor penetration is increased by 10%.
  • Mastery: Shotguns
    • Shotgun damage increased by 15%.
    • The chance of stealing this weapon type from opponents is increased by 20%.
    • Shotguns: pump action shotgun, automatic shotgun
  • Bat (x2)
    • Close range weapon damage increased by 15%.
  • Expert: Assault Weapons
    • The damage you deal with offensive weapons is increased by 12%.
  • champion
    • If you use “Protection” abilities, your weapon’s damage is increased by 45% over a period of ten seconds.
  • In the middle of the black
    • The critical damage you deal with hits is increased by 20%.
  • Mastery: Assault Weapons
    • Attack weapon damage increased by 20%.
    • The chance of stealing this weapon type from enemies is increased by 20%.
    • Assault weapons: assault rifle, light machine gun, submachine gun, double-barreled pistol.
  • Suck ’em empty (x1)
    • Your weapon deprivation of life is increased by 5%.
  • Bullet Rain
    • You reload your weapon 20% faster.
  • Ammunition supply
    • Your magazine will be expanded by 50%.
  • confrontation
    • If enemies deal damage to you, they will be affected by a 10% reduction in their Physical damage over a period of five seconds. Double effect if you also damage the enemy.
  • Changed load
    • When “kinetic” abilities end, your weapon’s damage is increased by 70% for ten seconds.

The skills of the Devastator construction

The build is based on these capabilities:

  • Golem:Gives you armor that protects you from 65% of the damage taken. Lasts 16 seconds.
  • Endless Mass:This ability summons a gravitational stone that pulls in all nearby enemies, dealing bleeding damage. Then explode and damage all enemies in the area.
  • Gravity Leap:Can hover in the air and unleash a powerful drop attack on targeted enemies.

Here’s how to play: With Endless Mass you can concentrate opponents in one place and shut down smaller enemies in one go. You can then jump into the middle of the fray with Gravity Leap or take out the remaining opponents with your weapon. Golem protects you from damage and turns you into an offensive tank.

Weapons, armor, mods

You should use these weapons: You will be mainly in close combat. So rely on weapons like shotguns, assault rifles, or submachine guns. These are reinforced by the conqueror’s skill tree anyway. Modifications to your weapons are important.

The Youtuber uses these weapons and mods:

  • Primary weapon (assault rifle)
    • Earned:For every enemy you kill with a magazine, you get a large number of HP restored as soon as you reload. (Cooldown: 1 sec.)
    • Minefield:Kills spawn small mines that deal damage in the vicinity of the slain enemy. (Cooldown: 1 sec.)

Minefield is a particularly good offensive mod. The damage caused by the explosions is greater than the mod indicates. Because passive bonuses through the skill tree increase damage further.

Life Stock guarantees that you constantly regain hit points as soon as you recharge. Combined with the Ravager’s abilities, you become an offensive tank.

  • Secondary weapon (shotgun)
    • Icebreaker – Lethal shots at frozen enemies unleash an explosion that damages nearby enemies. (Cooldown: 1 sec.)
    • Improved Freeze Bullets – Shots cause a freeze effect on enemies. (Cooldown: 4 sec.)

This weapon is particularly suitable against boss opponents due to the frost effect. However, the armor modifications required for construction are much more important.

These are the essential armor mods:

  • Golem of Death:Increases the duration of the golem by 2 seconds for each kill.
  • Stamina:When Golem is active, Stamina is increased by 33%.
  • Perseverance:Extends the duration of the golem by 100%.
    • Optional but very useful: Pellet Shells(Increases shotgun damage by 10%) and What’s Nearby (Incoming hits have a 30% chance of being rejected)

In combination with the mods, Golem becomes the most important skill of this build, making it an absolute tank for you, it works much longer and can even be extended with kills.

You can also see the compilation here in the video:

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What other classes are there? In addition to the Demolisher, you can also choose from these classes in Outriders:

  • Technomant – Build for Solo and Co-op – So you can handle every situation
  • Assassin – Here’s a strong cheat build to level up quickly
  • Pyromancer

Each of the classes has its own skill tree with 3 subclasses and offers a wide variety of ways to play.

What do you think of the construction? Do you play the devastator? Have you made your own constructions that you want to show us? Let us know in the comments.

Here you can find an overview of the Outriders classes: All information about the 4 character classes: skills and gameplay


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