What Is Orthography And What Does It Do In Linguistics

The word Orthography derived from the Greek which means “true” and to write. Orthography is a system of spelling a language or a description of the sounds of language in the form of writing or emblem. We can say it is a description of the sounds of language in the form of writing or emblem. It is the part of grammar that studies the correct use when writing letters, accents, capitalization and auxiliary signs of writing.It is the set of symbols and set or rules that describe how to write spelling, pronunciation, stress, and capitalization. It is very different from typography.

You Must Know The concept Of Orthography,If you Are A Language Student.


English language has a 26 letter (consonants and vowels).However, every English letter may represent more than one sign, and many English sounds (phonemes) may be written by more than one letter. Here orthographic rules that describe how to use the letter i before e except after c;

Orthography does not represent all the sounds of the language, such as Italian, English or Arabic.

Functions of Orthography

It consists of five main sections:
1) Transfer of letters phonemic composition of words.
2) Together, separate writing words and their parts.
3) The use of uppercase and lowercase letters.
4) Transferring the words from one line to another;
5) Graphics reductions words.

Orthography And Spelling Relationship you Must Know

  • The word spelling defines how to write the words in the lexicon regardless of their use in the sentence or text. Each word has a spelling which is presented under the rules of orthography. The oral stage of language always preceding the writing stage, the use of spelling is supposed to represent linguistic signs in the pronunciation of words, according to a letter.

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