Celebrating an adult’s birthday is the perfect excuse to gather all the people you love. But the plans are usually the same, a dinner, a drink and little else. So why not innovate? There are so many different activities you can do, you just need to be creative!


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Organize adult birthday party

To organize the perfect party, think about the tastes of the birthday boy and those of the people who will come to the celebration. Then finding the perfect plan won’t be difficult.

In this article we are going to propose some original and different ways to celebrate the next original birthday for an adult . For all tastes and pockets!

Karaoke party

It is one of the most classic ideas. Maybe at first it takes you a bit to get started, but as the night progresses and the drinks to the most timid will start singing . It doesn’t matter if you do it better or worse, it’s about having a great time, and that’s guaranteed! You can rent a place and have a party there, but you can also have the party at home with a microphone and a computer or television.

Mystery night

Do you like puzzles, police series, Cluedo, escape rooms …? So this plan is perfect: turn your birthday into a puzzle! Create some characters and a story and do a kind of live role, it will be hilarious. It is true that this party can be somewhat more difficult to prepare, since you will have to design the whole mystery. But you can invent it yourself or you can use the plot of a book, movie, or even a board game!
As an extra idea for this type of party, send some mysterious invitations a while before, summoning everyone to solve a mystery. It will be even more fun!

Game night

If yours is not dancing and you want to do something quiet at home, you can spend the whole night playing. It may seem somewhat childish to you, but now there are many party table games with which you can have a great time. Some options are Letters Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens , you just have to find your favorite!
If the board games do not convince you, you can also resort to the classic drinking games. ‘I never’ or ‘Truth or dare’ do not fail when what you want is to have a good time and have a laugh. In addition, they will help you get to know yourself a little more, for better or for worse. 😉

Home casino

Another option is to throw a Las Vegas themed party . Decorate the house with lights and improvise a game table. Make some cocktails, and voila! If you want to add a little flair, ask everyone to get ready for the appointment. Also, if you don’t feel like gambling, you can play with fake money or something else.

Costume party

A good costume party is liked by everyone. If you do it with a free theme, do a costume contest so that people put effort into their costume. You can make several categories with simple prizes, and let the birthday boy choose the winning costume!
You can also set themes for the party and for everyone to follow it. The most popular are the parties of times , for example, the 20s, 30s, 80s … If it is summer you can do outdoor parties with a Hawaiian or beach theme, and if not, you can also look for something more concrete, such as a movie, series …

Competition day

Why don’t you celebrate the birthday by doing team sports? A good option is to look for activities in which you have to compete . You can search for a sport like paintball, laser tag or even make games with water balloons. You will feel like children again, and I am sure you will have the best time ever!

Memories night

Birthday tries to remember all the good times with that person . Therefore, you can make a song to congratulate the birthday that talks about all your best moments. If you also make a video with photos to accompany him, it will be a most fun and exciting time, and surely you will never forget it.

Another very good option is to organize a surprise party for the birthday boy or girl. If you are interested in this topic, you can read our article to prepare a perfect birthday party .

In the end, the important thing is to have a great time with the people you love. But if you also do something different from what you usually do, it will become an unforgettable moment for everyone.

Will you make any of these plans on the next adult birthday you celebrate? Has another occurred to you? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it !


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