Orcs Must Die! 3 , the sequel to one of the top tower defense games, came out last year on Google Stadia and has now made its way to other platforms. The Robot Entertainment creationgets mixed reviews, but we’re sure it’s worth playing. And there are five reasons for this.


More Orcs

In the two previous (very popular) games of the series, released in the early 2010s, the main feature was battles with orcs, from which we defended the portal on different maps with the help of weapons and traps.

In the third part, the orcs have become even more (we are also annoyed by gnolls and fire demons) – primarily due to the appearance of the so-called battle scenarios, in which we repel huge crowds of enemies. Moreover, bosses periodically appear among the attackers with special abilities – for example, they can destroy our traps.

The assault looks epic.

Naturally, expensive, but powerful traps and weapons of mass destruction are especially effective in such situations – for example, large outdoor jumps merrily send crowds of orcs into the air and beyond the walls. And mega-bombs are catapults that shoot bombs … Well, you can imagine how, with their help, the approaches to our redoubts turn from green into red and smoking ones.

You can put two catapults at once. Or three. Enough funds!

This was done with the irony trademark for the series. The advancing opponents shout something in the spirit of “Whoever reaches the portal last is the loser!”

You can watch the flying orcs forever.

Even more heroes

The third part takes place 20 years after the Orcs Must Die! 2 . The main character of the previous games, the magician Maximilian, disappeared without a trace, and two students, Egan and Kelsey, are looking for him with the help of the instructions and instructions of an experienced sorceress. We choose who to play for ourselves. From time to time they give control to other heroes – when, for example, in combat scenarios, the action is transferred to the past and we play for the teacher Signus. And then the second story campaign opens. As a result, we will be able to feel ourselves in the shoes of old Max.

The role of this brute is actually a sorceress mentor.

There is also the young elf Warwick and the sorceress Gabriella. The more heroes, the more weapons and heroic abilities. So, the same Warwick, wielding two daggers, knows how to teleport, Cyrus pretends to be dead in order to restore health and mana, and Egan throws him to the ground with a double jump and stuns surrounding enemies. Blunderbuss Kelsey in alternate fire mode shoots grenades, and Cyrus’s staff in it sends lightning through several orcs, who tremble from this funny.

Both traps and weapons can be improved for the skulls earned in missions. Moreover, in addition to the usual upgrades, there are also unique ones that are unlocked for fulfilling special conditions. So, in the case of the same blunderbuss, an alternative attack will receive the effect of freezing only if we destroy 50 opponents with it. Interestingly, the attack will stop knocking back attackers and inflicting damage on them, that is, you still need to think about whether to take this upgrade or not.

The staff is really useful.

Even more modes

In addition to two fairly lengthy story campaigns,  Orcs Must Die! 3 there are endless battles with hordes of orcs. A new mode has appeared – “Kneading” (although it does not open immediately), in which opponents gradually become stronger and receive, for example, an increase in health (effects accumulate), and our heroes with each new stage acquire useful modifiers such as mana replenishment for each Headshot.

One headshot will not fail.

Finally, there are also weekly challenges – there are about two dozen of them, and all are interesting in their own way. Try to win when your health is gradually decreasing and only killing enemies randomly brings healing potions. Or when you do not have combat vehicles, but there are a lot of defenses, but none of them have been improved.

Traps can be removed and sold.

More beautiful

Well, everything is simple and clear here – the third and second parts look about the same, and in the third, the graphics are cooler and more modern. It has become less cartoonish and more serious, but in general, the spirit and style of the series is in place.

The special effects are very juicy.

It’s really interesting to play

Yes, a trivial argument, but it is. Naturally, the game isn’t perfect. The authors left the gameplay unchanged – by controlling the hero, we set traps for rune coins, personally beat the orcs, for this they give out the same coins, which can be used to add traps right during the fight, and in the intervals between waves we expand their arsenal even more.

But at the same time, the developers shoveled, removed or changed a lot. And not everyone likes it. Someone thinks that the heroes and their skills used to be brighter, someone complains about the lack of the usual means of protection like hypnog mushrooms. Someone did not like the new balance of their cost, when, for example, puddles of resin rose sharply, and wall-mounted machine guns remained at about the same price category. To some, the design of the cards seems controversial.

Narrow aisles are often used by authors.

But, first, new traps have appeared. Secondly, with the balance, everything is, as always, more complicated – it did not seem to me that the resin had become useless. On the contrary, in combat scenarios, I often used it to slow down enemies in narrow passages and there for a long time effectively shot them from a catapult. It doesn’t work everywhere, though. That is, yes, the balance is not perfect, but the answer to the question of what is “imba” and what is useless, as is often the case, depends on personal preferences and tactics. The main thing is that the game provides many tools to choose from.

In any case, all this is mainly the grumbling of veterans who saw the first two parts of the series, which, recall, came out a dozen years ago. And if you abstract and just play, then it is stupid to deny that you get a dose of pleasure from the process – especially in a cooperative. There is more of everything, the game looks more beautiful, and it is able to throw a challenge.

Before the start of the round, you can see where the opponents will run.

Yes,  Orcs Must Die! 3 something has changed for the better, something for the worse, something is missing, but new modes, heroes, epic battles and combat scenarios have appeared (the latter, however, could have been more). But on the whole it is obvious – the game remains bright and original, and it is very difficult to break away from it.

Pros: new heroes and modes; epic battle scenarios where we fight large crowds of orcs; bright, spectacular picture; corporate humor.

Cons: there are questions about the balance; the arsenal of traps and means of protection have changed, and not all successfully.

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