Orbs Z: where to find them and what they are for in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We explain in detail the Orbs Z: where to find them and what they are for in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, already available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

The Z Orbs are special items that can be found while exploring or get them winning matches. Just by getting closer we can pick them up, so we can fly past and get hold of them without any problem. These orbs are essential to improve the super attacks of all the characters , so they will be important especially in the last bars of the game where the battles are quite a challenge. Below, as part of this comprehensive guide , we explain more about these curious orbs.

Orbs Z: where to find them and what they are for

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, Z orbs are spheres that can be found in all the open stages of the game. As you may know, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has a large number of scenarios that we can visit throughout the adventure and that will remind us of locations that we already know from classic anime. Therefore, both to enliven our nostalgia for our interior and to collect orbs and talk to all the characters we meet (and thus obtain their Emblems of the Soul ), we recommend you explore the world whenever we can.

Types of Z Orbs

There are different types of Z orbs depending on their power level. They are divided into the following colors: red, blue, green, rainbow, silver and gold . The latter are the most difficult to find but they are also the ones that will give us access to those super attacks and higher level abilities . As for the way to access this skill tree , we just have to enter the characters tab of the game menu and use the triangle button in order to access the tree.

There we will see a selection of the various special movements and super attacks that each of the characters has and we will be able to level them up if we have the necessary orbs to do it. As for those movements that have a green fist sign, we will need to complete a training related to them in order to level them up and then continue to apply orbs to further increase their range.

How to Get Rainbow Z Orbs

As we have advanced in the previous paragraph, there are a type of special Z Orbs called Rainbow Orbs . We will find them in more hidden locations such as the Watchtower of Kami (there will always be one, so we can come and go to collect it multiple times) or in caves, less accessible areas and others. The peculiarity of these Orbs is that they give us much more energy than normal ones and that is why we can use them to unlock more powerful super attacks in the skill tree of each character.


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