Opera VPN: how it works

Browsing with a VPN today is one of the best ways to browse in a totally safe way, in addition there are many services that offer a VPN connection for free, such as Opera VPN , a private connection service offered by the browser totally free and without the need to install anything, just the browser.

In the following article we will show you how the free VPN of the Opera browser works , a browser that offers many exclusive features and may perhaps overshadow Chrome and Edge. In addition, Opera is not the only browser that has a VPN service because Firefox also has it, but this is not free.

As we already know, a VPN is a service that allows us to have a private connection through servers that are hosted in other countries, this makes the websites we browse “believe” that we have another location and we can visit websites with geographic restrictions between other functions.

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Opera VPN, how it works

As we have said before, VPN connections offer us to have a private connection and have much more privacy when browsing the Internet, this is how Opera’s VPN works since 2016, it has been one of the first browsers to implement this service and also totally free.

Activating the Opera VPN is really easy , both in the browser for PC and for the Android browser since it no longer works for iOS, so we will teach you to do it both ways, so that you can browse with total privacy and also without Opera taking any registration, thus ensure its creators.

Activate Opera VPN from mobile

In order to activate the VPN service on our mobiles we will have to download Opera in case we do not have it and follow the steps that you will see below:

  • The first step will be to open Opera.
  • Then we can see the app icon in the lower right.
  • Click and now we can see the option “VPN” in which we click.
  • Now a new window will appear in which we will have to activate the VPN and we will be able to see several options.

There is the option to activate it only when we open private tabs , and we will also have an option so that it does not work when we search in browsers to offer greater speed.

From this moment on , you already have Opera’s VPN connection activated, which you should know that it only works in the browser and that if you use another browser, you will not be protected by the VPN.

Activate Opera VPN on PC

Now we will show you how you can activate Opera’s VPN service on your PC . Just follow the steps below to enjoy the private connection when using Opera:

  • Download and install Opera from the link below.
  • Now open the browser and at the top left in the address bar you will see the “VPN” button .
  • We will press this button to bring up a new window in which we can activate the VPN in Opera.
  • We can choose the region from which we want to connect to go to specific websites or let Opera decide for us in case we only want some privacy.

Below you can see an example in which we have tried to enter the HBO Max website , a streaming series and movies service that is only available in the US, so when we connect from Europe or another region, a message like this will appear:

On the other hand, if we activate the Opera VPN and choose America as the region to connect to, we will be able to navigate perfectly through the HBO Max website and see everything it offers, so we can verify that the VPN works correctly:

This is how VPN Opera works and is activated , as it is an encryption service to obtain more privacy for free and thus be able to browse in a more private way without trackers and without advertising.


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