How to open chat on Minecraft PS4

You are a big fan of Minecraft , Mojang’s popular sandbox title, and you are having a lot of fun with this game through its reliable PlayStation 4 . You often play online and hear that the title implements a text chat to talk with other players and perform many actions. However, you have not understood how to enable this function and will require guidance in this regard. Don’t worry: Today I am here to clear all your doubts about it.

In fact, in this tutorial I will tell you in detail how to open chat on Minecraft PS4 . Obviously, I will not only explain the process, so that it appears on the screen, but I will expand the topic to describe everything related to this possibility, from the main command to the choice of input method. In summary, I will analyze everything revolving around the chat presented by Mojang in the game’s version for PlayStation 4.

What do you say are you ready to learn about using this function? In my opinion, yes, since you have become quite comfortable and are reading this guide with interest. Well, then I invite you to take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. I can assure you that the tutorial can be completed in a short time. Having said this, I have nothing left to do, except you want a pleasant read and have fun!

Table of contents

  • preliminary information
  • How to open chat on Minecraft PS4
  • How to use mouse and keyboard to chat


Before going into details about the process. How to open chat on Minecraft PS4 , I think you might be interested to know more about this possibility.

Well, the version is likely to use the PlayStation 4 for rock-bottom games at the end of 2019 , which is available for negotiation . The latter obviously allows you to write to other players. The same game exists, but it allows you to implement many other functions.

Some of these are the main possibilities , or are accessible by writing / .

  • The – Provide support / order list;
  • deop– cancel the position of a player’s operator;
  • gamerule– setting or requesting a game rule;
  • Help– Provide help / order list;
  • List– List of players on the server;
  • me– see a personal message;
  • msg– send a private message to one or more players;
  • op– give operator status to a specific player;
  • Let’s say– send a chat message to other players;
  • Say– Send a private message to one or more players;
  • tellraw– send a JSON message to players;
  • w– Send a private message to one or more players.

In summary, using chat in the PS4 version of Minecraft can be useful in many situations.


After explaining the main possibilities offered by Minecraft Chat, I would say that you are ready to take action and discover how to use it.

To proceed, you must first make a game. If you still do not have a world available, just start Minecraft and press items sequentially juego , create new y create new world .

After that, once you enter the game, you should notice, in the upper left corner, a script inviting you to press the right arrow controller. So press the previous one and you will see to chat .

Perfect, now you can write directly in chat The virtual keyboard is present on the screen. To send a message , you have to use the key Settings Just select the gear icon to use the plaza pad . From here you can perform actions like enabling / disabling to interact , enable / disable speech synthesis and change source y font size .

If you do not like the right arrow and want to use one more key so that the chat appears on the screen, just go to Settings of the game, go to the tab Wireless Controller and change the key options to open the chat .

If the chat does not appear on the screen, try to verify that your game is enabled for multiple players. To do this, return to the main menu Minecraft press juego and select pencil icons exist with the world. So go to the tab multijugador and verify that the option is set to multiplayer game EN .

Alternatively, this may be related to an issue on the Internet connection PlayStation 4. To verify that everything is correct, press the button casa pad (the one in the center) and go to the street Settings> Network> Configure Internet Connection , Then select the type of network generally use (Wi-Fi or LAN) and write any access code in case of wireless network.

Excellent, now one will be checking the connection and you can understand if it is such a problem. For the rest, I suggest you also verify that Minecraft was updated to the latest version . For more information, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to update Minecraft PS4.


How do you say that you want to use the mouse and keyboard as an input method to chat on the PS4 version of Minecraft? Never mind, I’ll tell you how to do it immediately.

Well, all you have to do is connect mouse and keyboard to PS4 and then the game will allow you to use this input method to chat. If you have USB devices, connect them. The USB port is present in the PS4, for example, the ones that are the first, and it is.

If you have a peripheral place Bluetooth , you have to go to the road Settings> Devices> Bluetooth devices , the coupling mode to which device you want to connect and press the button The name of the device on the X pad . In case of a keyboard you can also be asked to type the verification code (often it is 0000 , but in any case you can find it in the manual).

Later, you can change the mouse and keyboard options by going to the path Settings> Tools and selecting one of the elements External keyboard y mouse . For all the necessary information, I invite you to consult my guide on how to add mouse and keyboard to PS4.

Great, now all you have to do is start Minecraft, open the chat described in the previous chapter and use the mouse and keyboard as the input method.

As you are interested in the title Mojang, how to take a look at the page of my Minecraft site ?? There you can find many tutorials that may be right for you. In particular, you may be interested in my tutorial on how to play online in Minecraft PS4.

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