One thing about women that men don’t know

It was a time when only women were concerned with how to satisfy a man in bed . Now, more than ever, it is also their turn to discover how to give us pleasure, to make sex even better!

To further explore the subject, I recorded a series about the types of men in sex. In the first video I talked about the main  male sexual dysfunctions , in the second video I talked about the behavioral profile  of men in bed , and in this video I will talk about other types of male behaviors in relation to sex.

Watch the third video in the series and find out something about women that men don’t know!

Why is it important to satisfy a woman in bed?

Did you discover the secret I told in the video? Men who take care, because satisfying women during sex is very important!

The purpose of these videos was precisely to draw the attention of men so that they understand that women, more than ever, are looking for their sexual pleasure! Therefore, it values ​​those who care to satisfy that pleasure.

Before, the woman’s concern was to give pleasure and surprise her partner in bed, discovering the best positions to satisfy a man and the best caresses to bring him to pleasure.

Today, of course, women still want it, after all, every woman likes to feel desired and to give pleasure to her partner. Now, however, they want to feel that the man is also willing to do whatever it takes to bring news and satisfy his desire for sex.

Tips on how to satisfy a woman

But, in practice, how to satisfy a woman in bed? Men open to new experiences, without taboos and prejudices and willing to treat possible sexual dysfunctions are the men most valued by their women.

See other tips to give pleasure to satisfy a woman:

Be safe and confident

Safe and confident men are more likely to satisfy a woman during sex. That’s because they are able to relieve anxiety about their performance in bed to focus entirely on exploring their partner’s body in search of pleasure.

Always do differently

Knowing and practicing news about sex is also important, to ensure that each relationship is unique and different. After all, nobody likes sameness in bed.

Find out what’s new in sex shop

There is no problem using sex shop accessories and products to further enhance your partner’s pleasure – and confident men know it! Those who know how to satisfy a woman use different resources to spice up sex.

Let her drive

No one knows his own body better than the woman, so the man should let her give the rhythm and guide the pleasure in some moments, even if she likes to be dominated.

Investing in preliminaries

To satisfy a woman, no hurry. Foreplay is very important to make you very excited even before penetration. Then, one must seek orgasm without anxiety, taking advantage of every touch and movement of the relationship.

Do not forget the rest of the body

When penetrating a woman, the man must not forget the rest of his partner’s body, especially those sensitive parts like breasts, ears and neck. Stimulating these areas together with the vaginal region will help you reach pleasure more intensely.

Make fantasies come true

Every woman has fantasies that she wants to fulfill, whether in terms of positions, location, use of accessories or other behaviors. The man who wants to satisfy his wife must do everything possible to fulfill these fantasies, taking pleasure to the maximum!

The most important: meet the woman!

Above any tip on how to satisfy a woman, the man must know her. Each of us has our own desires, fantasies and pleasure points. The man who directs his gaze and is willing to understand how we get excited, will certainly give us a lot of pleasure in bed!

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